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 +==== Useful Links ====
 +==== Community and Project ====
 +Thread on SpellHoldStudios forums with info on frm16 format: \\
 +GIT repository with tools:\\
 +==== Lionheart ====
 +==== Velocity Engine ====
 +Reflexive software, makers of Lionheart and Velocity Engine: \\
 +Good (if general) info on object classes in Velocity Engine:\\
 +[[http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​p=28750|Reflexive'​s "​property system"​ and property editor]]
 +Lionheart gameplay pages, also has a little bit of info on Velocity Engine feaures:\\
 +Lionheart interview with Ion Hardiw and Eic Dallaire:\\
 +Ion Hardie interview:​\\
 +Bryce Baker interview:​\\
 +Posts by James C. Smith, Lionheart programmer:​\\
 +Here JCS explains how they did alpha blending in Lionheart with separate layers for 5 alpha levels and what was Black-biased blending.
 +Zax the Alien Hunter:\\
 +==== RAD Game Tools ====
 +RAD Game Tools, Inc.:\\
 +Granny and GR2 viewer:\\
 +GR2 Decode Project:\\
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