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 ==== Tools ==== ==== Tools ====
-=== veeview ===+==== veeview ​====
-=== findframes ===+==== findframes ===
 +Trivial program that tries to find files embedded in other files. It looks for signatures of [[formats:​FRM16]],​ [[formats:​SEQ16]] files and [[cobjects:​CTexture_bin]] objects and reports their offsets, suitable to be used as a skip parameter in veeview.
-=== way_stats ===+==== way_stats ===
 +==== way2svg ==== 
 +Create visualization of a [[formats:​WAY]] file into an SVG file. The result shows nodes, links and their indices. Nodes are shown as blue squares. Zero distance links are shown as red squares.
-=== way2svg === 
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