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File Types

Velocity Engine specific

  • .ZAX - (200) These files define map layout, i.e. placement of all objects in a map - trees, buildings, boulders, creature spawnpoints, traps, … Also a heightmap and a lightmap. They are text dumps of CLayerSaveData objects. Placed under $DATA/Levels/.
  • .WAY - (200) searchmap, placed under $DATA/Cache/Levels
  • .MDL16 - (5653) 3D models, found under $DATA/Cache/Models/
  • .FRM16 - (1180) Static images, placed under $DATA/Cache/ and embedded inside MDL16 and SEQ16 files
  • .SEQ16 - (84) Animated images mostly for things like cursors and HUD. Placed under $DATA/Cache/Animated Textures/ and $DATA/Cache/Resources/.
  • txt, object, ... - Most of data files with the exception of graphics and sounds are stored in these files. They have many different extensions, but they are all in a common CObject text dump format.
  • .SAV - Saved games. They get placed in $INSTALL/SaveGames/
  • .RPG - Found in $INSTALL/Characters/Last Character.RPG.

Files in common formats

  • .GR2 - (1968) RAD Game Tools Granny archive, Placed in $DATA/Resources/Models3D
  • .OGG - (3101) Sound effects, music and NPC speech. The most is 44100 Hz mono. They are found in $DATA/Sounds and $DATA/Music and $DATA/Resources/Levels/*/Dialog/<CHARNAME> VOs/ dirs respectively.
  • .WAV - (14) Sound files in RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 22050 Hz format. All can be found under $DATA/Sounds/. Their main use is !None (no sound), UI and launch effects. Animal ones were probably missed when converting files to OGG.
  • .BIK - (4) Intro and logo videos in Bink format. Placed in $DATA/Movies/
  • .TTF - (3) All in $DATA/Resources/Fonts/True Types/

Miscellaneous Files

  • .DOC - (1) Leftover internal memo by QA staff. It's in $DATA/Resources/Levels/3 Montaillou/Dialog/fabrisse.doc
  • .XLS - (1) Probably leftover from development. Lists unique magic items, their powers and where they were placed.
  • .RDS - (2) Leftover from ZAX: The Alien Hunter game.
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