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 +==== Game Files ====
 +=== ./ ===
 +Lionheart.exe \\
 +**Lionheart.CFG** - short file in INI format with few basic options
 +**data.dat** - ZIP archive of actual game data files. Look below for its contents. It can be unpacked in place [FIXME: how?] to allow easy modding without need to pack it each time.
 +**local.txt** - catalog of translatable strings. It consists of pairs of english and localized strings. The file is either in UCS-2 or UTF-16 encoding, with BOM indicating it's little endian.
 +**Characters/​Last Character.RPG** - binary file of unknown format, does not look like a CObject bin dump
 +**SaveGames/​Autosave.sav** - the save files are textual CObject dumps, with some binary garbage thrown in \\
 +==== Data.dat Contents ====
 +Damage Types
 +Death Behaviors
 +Surface Types
 +Water Warp Effects
 +Animated Textures
 +./​Cache/​Animated Textures:
 +Force Field.seq16
 +Menu Font Effect.seq16
 +Sewage Water.seq16
 +Menu Background.frm16
 +Inactive Window Texture.frm16
 +Inactive Window Title Tile.frm16
 +Window Texture.frm16
 +Window Title Tile.frm16
 +./​Cache/​IntermediateData/​Levels/​1 Barcelona:
 +Blacksmith map.frm16
 +Calle Perdida.frm16
 +Church Crypt Interior.frm16
 +Church Interior.frm16
 +Empty Scratch map.frm16
 +Multiplayer All Party Dead.frm16
 +Multiplayer Start.frm16
 +./​Cache/​IntermediateData/​Levels/​Test Maps/Simon:
 +All Enemies.frm16
 +Fighting Test.frm16
 +Spellcaster Sight.frm16
 +Walking Enemy.frm16
 +./​Cache/​IntermediateData/​Levels/​Test Maps/Suyo:
 +Item Tester.frm16
 +./​Cache/​IntermediateData/​Levels/​Test Maps/Zach:
 +./​Cache/​IntermediateData/​Levels/​Wilderness Maps:
 +Abandoned Cave.frm16
 +Barcelona Coast.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Levels/​1 Barcelona:
 +Secret Red File Level.frm16
 +Secret Red File Level.way
 +Empty Scratch map.frm16
 +Empty Scratch map.way
 +Multiplayer All Party Dead.frm16
 +Multiplayer All Party Dead.way
 +Multiplayer Start.frm16
 +Multiplayer Start.way
 +./​Cache/​Levels/​Test Maps:
 +./​Cache/​Levels/​Test Maps/Simon:
 +All Enemies.frm16
 +All Enemies.way
 +Fighting Test.frm16
 +Fighting Test.way
 +Spellcaster Sight.frm16
 +Spellcaster Sight.way
 +Walking Enemy.frm16
 +Walking Enemy.way
 +Woodcutter Forest.frm16
 +Woodcutter Forest.way
 +Woodcutter Home interior.frm16
 +Woodcutter Home interior.way
 +!Unknown Model.mdl16
 +Demon Aka Mana.mdl16
 +Demon Shapeshifter.mdl16
 +Camera Attractor.mdl16
 +Character Generator Point.mdl16
 +Character Picker.mdl16
 +Dead Body Generator.mdl16
 +Enemy Generator Spot.mdl16
 +Position Marker.mdl16
 +Repeat Timer Trigger.mdl16
 +Spawn Point.mdl16
 +Spirit Generator Level1.mdl16
 +Spirit Generator Level2.mdl16
 +Spirit Generator Level3.mdl16
 +Spirit Generator Level4.mdl16
 +Spirit Generator Level5.mdl16
 +Store Inventory.mdl16
 +Test Interaction.mdl16
 +Trigger Icon, Proximity.mdl16
 +Burn Tree 01 A.mdl16
 +Burn Tree 01 B.mdl16
 +Burn Tree 01.mdl16
 +Inventory Images
 +PowderKeg Object.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images:
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/​Quest Items:
 +Alamut Talisman.mdl16
 +Bleeding Lance.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/​Weapons/​Arrows and Bolts Special:
 +Gold HUGE Pile_PU.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​PickUps/​Special Items:
 +Alamut Talisman_PU.mdl16
 +Arrow Level 1.mdl16
 +Arrow Level 2.mdl16
 +Divine Tracer.mdl16
 +Divine Tracer Smll.mdl16
 +Dragon Fire.mdl16
 +Thought Tracer.mdl16
 +Thought Tracer Smll.mdl16
 +Tribal Tracer.mdl16
 +Tribal Tracer Smll.mdl16
 +V Monster Shot trail2.mdl16
 +V Monster Shot trail.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Special Effects:
 +Acid Steam 01.mdl16
 +Acid Steam 02.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Special Effects/​Spirit Calls:
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Special Effects/​Spirits:​
 +Ancestral Back.mdl16
 +Ancestral Left.mdl16
 +Ancestral Right.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Special Effects/​Waves:​
 +Wave A.mdl16
 +Wave B.mdl16
 +Wave C.mdl16
 +Wave D.mdl16
 +Wave E.mdl16
 +Wave F.mdl16
 +Wave G.mdl16
 +Wave H.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects:
 +Fake E3 Summon.mdl16
 +Ground lights
 +Hits and Effects
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Flashes:​
 +Electrical Attacks
 +Fire Attacks
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Flashes/​Electrical Attacks:
 +Electrical Flash Small.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Flashes/​Fire Attacks:
 +Fireball Small Flash.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Ground lights:
 +Electric Light.mdl16
 +Fire Light.mdl16
 +Purple Light.mdl16
 +White Light.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects:
 +Corpse Effects
 +Divine Radial Cast Effect.mdl16
 +./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Shots/​Fire Attacks:
 +Chaos Dragon SHOT.mdl16
 +Fireball large.mdl16
 +Direction Indicator.mdl16
 +Direction Pointer02.mdl16
 +Direction Pointer.mdl16
 +Walk To Location.mdl16
 +Main Menu
 +Temporary Modifier HUD Icons
 +NPC Portraits
 +Reply Icons
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Dialog/​NPC Portraits:
 +aka mana.frm16
 +Ali Akbah Desert Merchant.frm16
 +Alonzo Perez de Gusman el Bueno.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Dialog/​Reply Icons:
 +Attribute Icon.frm16
 +Barter Skill Icon.frm16
 +Exit Icon.frm16
 +Fight Icon.frm16
 +Quest Icon.frm16
 +Speach Skill Icon.frm16
 +Large Folder.frm16
 +Parent Folder.frm16
 +Loading Font.frm16
 +Main Menu Font.frm16
 +Main Menu Font HOVER.frm16
 +Main Menu Font Shadow.frm16
 +Noninteractive Sequence Playing.seq16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Automap Window:
 +Map Window Background.frm16
 +Map Window Close Button Hover.frm16
 +Map Window Close Button Pressed.frm16
 +Map Window MainMap_Button Hover.frm16
 +Map Window MainMap_Button Pressed.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens:
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens/​Page 1:
 +Character Backdrop.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Character Window:
 +Character Window Background.frm16
 +Close Character Window Hover.frm16
 +Close Character Window Pressed.frm16
 +Tag Skill Icon.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Character Window/​Borders:​
 +Big Horizontal.frm16
 +Big Vertical.frm16
 +Small Horizontal.frm16
 +Small Vertical.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Credits Art:
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Help Window:
 +Help Window Background.frm16
 +Help Window Close Button Hover.frm16
 +Help Window Close Button Pressed.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces:
 +Empty Blood.seq16
 +Empty Mana.seq16
 +WithoutHud FindTraps.frm16
 +WithoutHud Sneaking.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/​Buttons:​
 +Blank Hover.frm16
 +Blank Pressed.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/​Dialog View Buttons:
 +Combat Dialog Hover.frm16
 +Combat Dialog Normal.frm16
 +Combat Dialog Pressed.frm16
 +Dialog Hover.frm16
 +Dialog Normal.frm16
 +Dialog Pressed.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/​MultiplayerButtons:​
 +Mchat Pressed.frm16
 +Mplayer01 Hover.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/Text Window:
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/Text Window/​Buttons:​
 +Attributes Hover.frm16
 +Attributes Pressed.frm16
 +AutoMap Hover.frm16
 +AutoMap Pressed.frm16
 +Help Hover.frm16
 +Help Pressed.frm16
 +Journal Hover.frm16
 +Journal Pressed.frm16
 +Perks Hover.frm16
 +Perks Pressed.frm16
 +Profile Hover.frm16
 +Profile Pressed.frm16
 +Skills Hover.frm16
 +Skills Pressed.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Inventory Window:
 +Cannot Equip Item Background.frm16
 +Close Inventory Button Hover.frm16
 +Close Inventory Button Pressed.frm16
 +Equiped Item Background.frm16
 +Inventory Background.frm16
 +Magic Item Background.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Inventory Window/​Buttons:​
 +Show All Hover.frm16
 +Show All Pressed.frm16
 +Show Armor Hover.frm16
 +Show Armor Pressed.frm16
 +Show Misc Hover.frm16
 +Show Misc Pressed.frm16
 +Show Quest Items Hover.frm16
 +Show Quest Items Pressed.frm16
 +Show Weapons Hover.frm16
 +Show Weapons Pressed.frm16
 +File Icon.frm16
 +Folder Closed Icon.frm16
 +Folder Open Icon.frm16
 +Form Edges
 +Ricochet Button Texture.frm16
 +Webform Button Texture.frm16
 +Webform Window Texture.frm16
 +Window Edges
 +Window Hover Texture.frm16
 +Window Pressed Texture.frm16
 +Window Texture.frm16
 +XRPG Primary Skin Theme
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​Form Edges:
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​Window Edges:
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme:
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme/​Picture Buttons:
 +PIC Bottom Left Corner.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Loading Screens:
 +1 Barcelona.frm16
 +Wilderness Maps.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Merchant Window:
 +Merchant Window Background.frm16
 +Merchant Window Close Button Hover.frm16
 +Merchant Window Close Button Pressed.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Mouse Cursors:
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Mouse Cursors/​Editor:​
 +New Polygon.seq16
 +Pull Ground.seq16
 +GameSpy Logo.seq16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Target Window:
 +Arms Hover.frm16
 +Arms Pressed.frm16
 +Close Target Button Hover.frm16
 +Close Target Button Pressed.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Tool Icons:
 +Edit Polygon.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​World Map:
 +Close World Map Button Hover.frm16
 +You Are Here.seq16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​World Map/Points Of Interest:
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Main Menu:
 +Painted Backgrounds
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Main Menu/​Painted Backgrounds:​
 +Background 01.seq16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Skills/​Generic Skill Icons:
 +Generic Skill Icon.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Tribal/​Offensive:​
 +Find Traps Secret Doors.frm16
 +Lockpick Disarm Traps.frm16
 +./​Cache/​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons:
 +Critical Hit Types
 +Damage Types Over Time
 +Divine Spell Effects
 +  * FRM16 files, organized by environment. Names correspond to those in ./Textures
 +NonInteractiveSequence Actor.txt
 +Player Friend.txt
 +./Damage Types:
 +./Death Behaviors:
 +BoneSwimmer ​ Default.txt
 +Character ALREADY ON GROUND.txt
 +Crater Default.txt
 +Festering Undead Walk Default.txt
 +Generic Human Default.txt
 +Generic Player Default.txt
 +Orc  Default.txt
 +Start game wolf death behaivor.TXT
 +Zax Default.txt
 +Menu Background.txt
 +Inactive Window Texture.txt
 +Inactive Window Title Tile.txt
 +Window Texture.txt
 +Window Title Tile.txt
 +./​Levels/​Wilderness Maps:
 +Abandoned Cave.zax
 +Barcelona Coast.zax
 +Bounty Hunter Camp.zax
 +Cortez Cave.zax
 +./​Models/​Environments/​Shrine Level/​Walls/​WallPLANE3:​
 +  * Bink videos, referenced from Credits.txt
 +  * Music and ambient OGG files organized by level.
 +./​Music/​Main Menu:
 +=== ./​Resources/​Character Attributes: ===
 +[[class:​CCharacterAttribute]] objects for each of the seven fundamental character attributes.
 +(AG) Agility.CharacterAttribute
 +=== ./​Resources/​Character Slot Types: ===
 +[[class:​CCharacterSlotType]] objects describing player'​s equipment slots.
 +=== ./​Resources/​Cheat Code Scripts: ===
 +[[class:​CScriptedCheatCode]] objects, implementing various cheats like 
 +incleasing player stats.
 +./​Resources/​Common AIs:
 +Stop During Dialog.can
 +./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts:
 +Damage Spell Recast Duration.can
 +Damage Spell Recast Timer.can
 +Demokin passing as Human.can
 +Detect Spellcast.can
 +Disarm Trap.can
 +Disarm Trap on Chest.can
 +./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​Environmental SFX:
 +Barcelona Attack SFX AI.can
 +Barcelona Gate AI.can
 +Cave AI NO Monsters.can
 +Cave AI WITH Monsters.can
 +./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​Event Notification Actions:
 +Ammo Not Selected.can
 +Cannot Cast Spell Don't Know Why.can
 +Too Soon To Recast Spell.can
 +You must gather your party.can
 +./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​Generate Magic Item Level Cans:
 +Chest Generator Average.can
 +Chest Generator Good.can
 +Chest Generator Great.can
 +Shopkeeper Generation 1 to Mojo.can
 +Shopkeeper Generation Very High Mojo.can
 +Specific Types USE SPARINGLY
 +./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​Generate Magic Item Level Cans/​Specific Types USE SPARINGLY:
 +Average Mojo minus1.can
 +Average Mojo minus2.can
 +Average Mojo plus1.can
 +Average Mojo plus2.can
 +Average Mojo plus3.can
 +Random 1 to Avg Mojo.can
 +./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​GrannyClassTypeFixupExpressions:​
 +./​Resources/​Critical Hits:
 +Groin Shot.CriticalHitEffect.txt
 +./​Resources/​Damage Types:
 +./​Resources/​Damage Types/​Damage Hit Or Miss:
 +[[class:​CDamageHitOrMiss]] objects in this directory implement calculation
 +of one's chance to hit his opponent. In //Special conditions//​ subdir are calculations for specific types of opponents.
 +./​Resources/​Derived Character Attributes:
 +[[class:​CDerivedCharacterAttribute]] objects here implement attributes
 +derived from the base ones. E.g. CarryWeight attribute is computed as
 +(ST) Strength * 25 + 25. In other case the attrubutes seem to be only
 +placeholders or variable definitins, though, because they are defined
 +with constant expressions.
 +Dialog Skin Theme.JWindowSkin
 +[[class:​CJWindowAlphaTheme]] Possibly a skin for an editor written in Java?
 +Dialog Tree Display Options.object
 +NIS Test.DialogTree
 +Warp Create Character.DialogTree
 +./​Resources/​Dialog/​NPC Portraits:
 +[[class:​CStandAloneFrame]] seems to define image parameters for NPC portraits, like RLE, quality... ​
 +./​Resources/​Dialog/​Reply Icons:
 +[[class:​CStandAloneFrame]] image parameters for dialog reply icons (fight, barter, ...)
 +Speach Skill Icon.txt
 +[[class:​CCannedObject]] objects in this tree implement tests for values of various
 +attributes or for identity.
 +Inquisitor IS.can
 +Karma equalless 1750.can
 +./​Resources/​Dificulty Types:
 +[[class:​CLevelOfDificulty]] objects define effects of difficulty settings
 +[[class:​CStandAloneFrame]] image parameters for some editor icons
 +[[class:​CCharacterFaction]] defines effects of joing (or being promoted to) a given faction
 +Templar Paladin.Faction
 +[[class:​CFont]] and [[class:​CStandAloneFrame]] Most of files in this folder come in pairs: a *.FONT.TXT file with [[class:​CFont]] object, which define TrueType font parameters and a *.txt file with [[class:​CStandAloneFrame]] object.
 +The referenced TrueType fonts are in the True Types subdir.
 +Courier Green.FONT.TXT
 +Courier Green.txt
 +./​Resources/​Fonts/​True Types:
 +TrueType fonts referenced in objects in the parent folder.
 +./​Resources/​Game Types:
 +[[class:​CXrpgQuestGameType]] ​
 +./​Resources/​Interaction Specifiers:
 +Seems to specify cursors for various MouseOvers, but there'​s more.
 +Exit Area.Cursor.txt
 +GetCloseThen Continue On.InteractionSpecifierType
 +AutoMap Options.Object
 +Player List Display Options.Object
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Automap Window:
 +Map Window Background.txt
 +Map Window Close Button Hover.txt
 +Map Window Close Button Pressed.txt
 +Map Window MainMap_Button Hover.txt
 +Map Window MainMap_Button Pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens:
 +Character Attributes Tab
 +Imported and Pregen Tab
 +Page 1
 +Page 2
 +Page 3
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens/​Character Attributes Tab:
 +Attributes Tab Hover.txt
 +Attributes Tab Pressed.txt
 +Character Tab Hover.txt
 +Character Tab Pressed.txt
 +Damage Icon.txt
 +Damage Tab Hover.txt
 +Damage Tab Pressed.txt
 +Damage Types
 +Resist Icon.txt
 +Skills Tab Hover.txt
 +Skills Tab Pressed.txt
 +Threshold Icon.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens/​Character Attributes Tab/Damage Types:
 +Acid Damage Icon.txt
 +Cold Damage Icon.txt
 +Crushing Damage Icon.txt
 +Disease Damage Icon.txt
 +Electrical Damage Icon.txt
 +Fire Damage Icon.txt
 +Piercing Damage Icon.txt
 +Poision Damage Icon.txt
 +Slashing Damage Icon.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens/​Imported and Pregen Tab:
 +Load Character Tab Hover.txt
 +Load Character Tab Pressed.txt
 +PreGenerated Tab Hover.txt
 +PreGenerated Tab Pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens/​Page 1:
 +Character Backdrop.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens/​Page 2:
 +Character Backdrop.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Creation Screens/​Page 3:
 +Bot Slot Hover.txt
 +Bot Slot Pressed.txt
 +Mid Slot Hover.txt
 +Mid Slot Pressed.txt
 +Top Slot Hover.txt
 +Top Slot pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Window:
 +Character Window Background.txt
 +Close Character Window Hover.txt
 +Close Character Window Pressed.txt
 +Tag Skill Icon.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Character Window/​Borders:​
 +Big Horizontal.txt
 +Small Horizontal.txt
 +Small Vertical.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Credits Art:
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Help Window:
 +Help Window Background.txt
 +Help Window Close Button Hover.txt
 +Help Window Close Button Pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces:
 +Dialog View Buttons
 +Hud Background.txt
 +Hud Background Without Lion.txt
 +Text Window
 +WithoutHud FindTraps.txt
 +WithoutHud Sneaking.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/​Buttons:​
 +Blank Hover.txt
 +Blank Pressed.txt
 +Inventory Hover.txt
 +Inventory Pressed.txt
 +Menu Hover.txt
 +Menu Pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/​Dialog View Buttons:
 +Combat Dialog Hover.txt
 +Combat Dialog Normal.txt
 +Combat Dialog Pressed.txt
 +Dialog Hover.txt
 +Dialog Normal.txt
 +Dialog Pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/​MultiplayerButtons:​
 +Mchat Hover.txt
 +Mchat Normal.txt
 +Mchat Pressed.txt
 +Mplayer01 Hover.txt
 +Mplayer01 Normal.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/Text Window:
 +HUD Text Window Bottom.txt
 +HUD Text Window Top.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/Text Window/​Buttons:​
 +Attributes Hover.txt
 +Attributes Pressed.txt
 +AutoMap Hover.txt
 +AutoMap Pressed.txt
 +Journal Hover.txt
 +Journal Pressed.txt
 +Perks Hover.txt
 +Perks Pressed.txt
 +Profile Hover.txt
 +Profile Pressed.txt
 +Skills Hover.txt
 +Skills Pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Inventory Window:
 +Cannot Equip Item Background.txt
 +Close Inventory Button Hover.txt
 +Close Inventory Button Pressed.txt
 +Equiped Item Background.txt
 +Inventory Background.txt
 +Magic Item Background.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Inventory Window/​Buttons:​
 +Show All Hover.txt
 +Show All Pressed.txt
 +Show Armor Hover.txt
 +Show Armor Pressed.txt
 +Show Misc Hover.txt
 +Show Misc Pressed.txt
 +Show Quest Items Hover.txt
 +Show Quest Items Pressed.txt
 +Show Weapons Hover.txt
 +Show Weapons Pressed.txt
 +File Icon.txt
 +Folder Closed Icon.txt
 +Folder Open Icon.txt
 +Classic JWindows.JWindowSkin
 +Form Edges
 +Ricochet Button Texture.txt
 +Webform Button Texture.txt
 +Webform Window Texture.txt
 +Window Edges
 +Window Hover Texture.txt
 +Window Pressed Texture.txt
 +Window Texture.txt
 +XRPG HUD Skin Theme.JWindowSkin
 +XRPG Primary Skin Theme
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​Form Edges:
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​Window Edges:
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme:
 +Picture Buttons
 +Window Frame
 +Word Buttons
 +XRPG Character Creation Skin.JWindowSkin
 +XRPG Picture Buttons Theme.JWindowSkin
 +XRPG Primary Skin Theme.JWindowSkin
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme/​Picture Buttons:
 +PIC Bottom Left Corner.txt
 +PIC Bottom Right Corner.txt
 +PIC HOVER Bottom Left Corner.txt
 +PIC HOVER Bottom Right Corner.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme/​Window Frame:
 +ALPHA Corner Bottom Left.txt
 +ALPHA Corner Bottom Right.txt
 +ALPHA Corner Top Left.txt
 +ALPHA Corner Top Right.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme/Word Buttons:
 +ALPHA Bottom Left Corner.txt
 +ALPHA Bottom Right Corner.txt
 +ALPHA Top Left Corner.txt
 +ALPHA Top Right Corner.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Loading Screens:
 +1 Barcelona.txt
 +2 Montserrat.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Merchant Window:
 +Merchant Window Background.txt
 +Merchant Window Close Button Hover.txt
 +Merchant Window Close Button Pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Target Window:
 +Arms Hover.txt
 +Arms Pressed.txt
 +Close Target Button Hover.txt
 +Close Target Button Pressed.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​Tool Icons:
 +[[class:​CStandAloneFrame]] objects seem to be image parameters for game editor HUD elements
 +Insert New Entity.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​World Map:
 +[[class:​CPointOfInterest]] objects in this directory seem to be definitions of objects on A WorldMap, plus image parameters for WorldMap background.
 +Scar Ravine.PointOfInterest.txt
 +World Map Background.txt
 +./​Resources/​Interface/​World Map/Points Of Interest:
 +[[class:​CStandAloneFrame]] objects here seem to be image parameters definitions for points of interest defined in the parent folder.
 +Specific Item Cans
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Addition Shopping Strategies:
 +Add 1 Addition.AdditionShoppingStrategy.txt
 +Add 2 Addition Split 60 40.AdditionShoppingStrategy.txt
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Creating Random Magic Items:
 +1 MASTER ALL Items in the game.can
 +All Armor and Shields.can
 +All Armor.can
 +All Arrows and Bolts.can
 +All Miscellaneous Items.can
 +All Potions.can
 +All Shields.can
 +All Weapons.can
 +Implementation Folder DO NOT PICK FROM
 +Magic Bows and Xbows.can
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Creating Random Magic Items/​Implementation Folder DO NOT PICK FROM:
 +All Misc Items except Potions.can
 +All Scrolls.can
 +All Wands.can
 +Armor HIGH Mojo.can
 +Armor LOW Mojo.can
 +Armor MEDIUM Mojo.can
 +Weapons One Handed.can
 +Weapons Ranged.can
 +Weapons Two Handed.can
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Enemy Drop Items Cans:
 +Arrows N Bolts
 +Assassin Drop Action.can
 +Conquistador Drop Action.can
 +English 2Soldier Axe Drop Action.can
 +English 2Soldier Bow Drop Action.can
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Generator Combinations:​
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Generator Combinations/​Armor:​
 +Armor Mojo Begin Standard.can
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Generator Combinations/​Weapons:​
 +ALL WEAPONS Mojo Begin.can
 +ALL WEAPONS Mojo Low Standard.can
 +ALL WEAPONS Mojo Standard.can
 +ALL WEAPONS Special.can
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Grouping Catagories:
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Inventory Addition Groups:
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Inventory Addition Groups/​Items:​
 +Generic Item Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Specific Item
 +UNIQUE Item Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Inventory Addition Groups/​Items/​Specific Item:
 +Amulet Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Artifact Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Scroll Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Wand Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Inventory Addition Groups/​Shields and Armor:
 +Armor Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Shield Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Shield LARGE Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Shield MEDIUM Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Inventory Addition Groups/​Weapons:​
 +Arrow Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Arrow and Bolt Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Bolt Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Bow Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Crossbow Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Crossbow and Bow Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +Melee Weapon Additions.AdditionGroup.txt
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Inventory Additions:
 +Strength Advance.InventoryAddition
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Inventory Additions/​Armor:​
 +Acid Resistance.InventoryAddition
 +Armor Class Bonus.InventoryAddition
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Inventory Additions/​Gold/​Player Gold Drops:
 +100,000 gold coins.InventoryAddition
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Specific Item Cans:
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Specific Item Cans/Keys:
 +Fourniers Key.InventoryItem
 +Hall of Beggars Key.InventoryItem
 +Inquisition Jail Key.InventoryItem
 +Key to Brother Michel'​s House.InventoryItem
 +Shylocke Key.InventoryItem
 +Stone Key.InventoryItem
 +Temple District Key from Juanita Suarez.InventoryItem
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Specific Item Cans/Misc Items:
 +Amulet Ancestral Worship.can
 +./​Resources/​Inventory/​Specific Item Cans/Quest Items:
 +DaVinci Crossbow Gears.InventoryItem
 +Where these items have been placed.xls
 +./​Resources/​Inventory Item Rarity:
 +1 Common.InventoryItemRarity.txt
 +2 Uncommon.InventoryItemRarity.txt
 +3 Rare.InventoryItemRarity.txt
 +4 Very Rare.InventoryItemRarity.txt
 +5 Unique.InventoryItemRarity.txt
 +./​Resources/​Inventory Items:
 +Generic Companion Dialog.DialogTree
 +Generic Dischord dialog.DialogTree
 +Generic Drop Gold Dialog.DialogTree
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona:
 +Character Cans
 +Character Templates
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Character Cans:
 +Dialog Guard Gate District.can
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Character Templates:
 +Dead body Knight Templars and Inquisitor
 +Gate District
 +Generic Gaurd NPC.can
 +La Calle Perdida
 +Port District
 +Port Ship Captain.can
 +Regular Guard.can
 +Temple District
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Character Templates/​Dead body Knight Templars and Inquisitor:
 +Dead Knight Templar 1.can
 +Dead Knight Templar 2.can
 +Dead Knight Templar 3.can
 +Dead Knight Templar 4.can
 +Dead Knight Templar 5.can
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Character Templates/​Gate District:
 +Barcelona Boy.can
 +Barcelona Female Citizen.can
 +Barcelona Female Tainted 1.can
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Dialog:​
 +E3 Guard Dialog.DialogTree
 +Gate District
 +La Calle Perdida
 +Port District
 +Temple District
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Dialog/​Gate District:
 +BarcelonaCitizenCan Gate Beg.DialogTree
 +barcelonavendor beg.dialogtree
 +Barcelona Vendor Sympathetic2.DialogTree
 +Barcelona Vendor Sympathetic.DialogTree
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Dialog/​Gate District/​Blacksmith VOs:
 +01 Introduction,​ Feralkin.ogg
 +01 Introduction,​ Non-Tainted Female.ogg
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Dialog/​Gate District/​Requirements:​
 +Barmaid Have Find Ali Huban Quest.can
 +Blacksmith - IN below 4 and NO silver.can
 +Blacksmith - Lionshied seeker has sword WAS offered payment.can
 +Blacksmith requires CH less than 7 and speech over 25 percent.can
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Quests:​
 +Calle Perdida
 +Gate District
 +Port District
 +Temple District
 +./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona/​Quests/​Gate District:
 +Bring exotic creature parts back to Weng Choi.Quest.txt
 +Brink back any rare books to Weng Choi.Quest.txt
 +Build DaVinci'​s Repeating Crossbow.Quest.txt
 +ConspiracyAgainst Spain.Quest.txt
 +./​Resources/​Main Menu:
 +./​Resources/​Melee Dual Weild:
 +./​Resources/​Melee Skills:
 +./​Resources/​Models3D/​NPC/​Barcelona/​Knight 2:
 +./​Resources/​Models3D/​Player Characters:
 +./​Resources/​Models3D/​Player Characters/​Female:​
 +./​Resources/​Models3D/​Player Characters/​Female/​Armor:​
 +./​Resources/​Models3D/​Player Characters/​Male:​
 +./​Resources/​Models3D/​Spirit Models/​Ancestral Spirit:
 +./​Resources/​Monster Cans:
 +  * Canned monsters. Files of type *.can, class CCannedObject.
 +  * Perks. Files *.Perk of class CCharacterPerk.
 +./​Resources/​Perks/​!Event Title Perks:
 +  * Perks bestowed for player'​s behaviour.
 +./​Resources/​Perks/​!NPC or Event Given Perks:
 +Brambles Patience.Perk
 +./​Resources/​Player Data:
 +AI List To Add To Player.object
 +Canned Actions For Imbued Head Types
 +Companion AI Interaction Specifier.can
 +Companion Patrol AI.can
 +Hue Remappers
 +Pressed Gold Button Action.can
 +./​Resources/​Player Data/Canned Actions For Imbued Head Types:
 +Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant1 Female.can
 +Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant1 Male.can
 +./​Resources/​Player Data/Hue Remappers:
 +01 Dark Blue.HueRemapHolder.txt
 +02 Light Blue.HueRemapHolder.txt
 +./​Resources/​Preexisting Characters:
 +  * Definitions of PC?, NPC and mobs races or templates for their creation. *.RACE files of class CRace or CRaceWithPresets.
 +./​Resources/​RPG Formulas:
 +Buy Price.can
 +Fraction Over Carry Weight Maximum.can
 +HP Over Max Decay.can
 +Mana over max decay.can
 +Sell Price.can
 +Skill point bonus to tagged skills.can
 +Item Level To Monetary Value Conversion Table.Object
 +Skill Spending Levels.Object
 +./​Resources/​Skills/​Fake Wand Spells:
 +Cure Major Wounds.Skill
 +Cure Small Wounds.Skill
 +Poison Touch.Skill
 +Rigor Mortis.Skill
 +Secret Reveal.Skill
 +./​Resources/​Skills/​Generic Skill Icons:
 +Generic Skill Icon.txt
 +./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Tribal/​Offensive:​
 +./​Resources/​Spell Projectiles:​
 +Absorb Spirit.InventoryItem
 +./​Resources/​Target Body Parts:
 +./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons:
 +./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Critical Hit Types:
 +Crippled Arm.txt
 +Crippled Leg.txt
 +Knocked Out.txt
 +Fast Metabolism.Trait
 +  * Sound effects. OGG or sometimes WAV files.
 +  * Ambient sounds
 +./​Sounds/​Ambient/​Environmental Hits:
 +  * Ambient sounds
 +  * Sounds of various doors
 +  * soundsets for various kinds of enemies. Usually named <​ENEMYTYPE>/<​ENEMY>​_<​ACTION>​.ogg.
 +  * Sounds of falling corpses
 +  * Sounds of footsteps on various surfaces
 +  * Sounds played when picking up or dropping various objects
 +  * Various player'​s pain sounds etc.
 +./​Sounds/​PLAYER/​Weapon Swings:
 +  * Weapon sounds
 +  * Potion drinking sounds
 +  * Thief skills sounds
 +  * Spell sounds, sorted by spell class
 +  * Spirits
 +  * Switches
 +  * Traps springing to action
 +./​Sounds/​Traps/​Organ Notes:
 +  * Pipe? organ notes
 +  * mostly UI sounds
 +  * Weapon sounds
 +./Surface Types:
 +Hollow Metal.STY
 +  * ground textures, organized by environment. TXT files, class CGroundTextureFrame,​ defines e.g. damage taken there
 +./Water Warp Effects:
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