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Game Files



Lionheart.CFG - short file in INI format with few basic options

data.dat - ZIP archive of actual game data files. Look below for its contents. It can be unpacked in place [FIXME: how?] to allow easy modding without need to pack it each time.

local.txt - catalog of translatable strings. It consists of pairs of english and localized strings. The file is either in UCS-2 or UTF-16 encoding, with BOM indicating it's little endian.

Characters/Last Character.RPG - binary file of unknown format, does not look like a CObject bin dump

SaveGames/Autosave.sav - the save files are textual CObject dumps, with some binary garbage thrown in
… SaveGames/my0.sav

Data.dat Contents

.: Cache Categories Credits.txt Damage Types Death Behaviors dirs_and_files.txt Interface Levels Models Movies Music Resources Rules.txt Sounds Surface Types Textures Water Warp Effects

./Cache: Animated Textures Interface IntermediateData Levels Models Resources Textures

./Cache/Animated Textures: Force Field.seq16 Menu Font Effect.seq16 !None.seq16 Sewage Water.seq16

./Cache/Interface: Menu Background.frm16 Textures

./Cache/Interface/Textures: Inactive Window Texture.frm16 Inactive Window Title Tile.frm16 Thumb.frm16 Window Texture.frm16 Window Title Tile.frm16

./Cache/IntermediateData: Levels


./Cache/IntermediateData/Levels/1 Barcelona: Blacksmith map.frm16 Calle Perdida.frm16 Church Crypt Interior.frm16 Church Interior.frm16 Davinci Secret Chamber.frm16 DaVinci Workshop interior.frm16 Dream Djinni Map.frm16 Gate District.frm16 Gate House Near Thieves.frm16 Gate House Upper Right.frm16 Herbalist map.frm16 House of Ilk map.frm16 Inquisition Chambers2.frm16 Inquisition Forest Exterior.frm16 Inquisition Foyer1.frm16 Inquisition Pit3.frm16 Knights Templar.frm16 Merchant Home PortDistrict.frm16 Port Beggar Home1.frm16 Port District.frm16 Port House Near Merchant.frm16 Port House Near Sewer.frm16 Port House Near Warehouse.frm16 Shakespeares Home.frm16 Shylocke Shop.frm16 Slave Pits.frm16 Solarium Interior.frm16 Tavern Port District.frm16 Temple District.frm16 Temple Home near Ilk.frm16 Temple Small Center Home.frm16 Thieves Den map.frm16 Town Exterior map.frm16 TrappedEtherPlane.frm16 Warehouse Port District.frm16 Weng Choi Shop.frm16

./Cache/IntermediateData/Levels/Multiplayer: Empty Scratch map.frm16 Multiplayer All Party Dead.frm16 Multiplayer Start.frm16

./Cache/IntermediateData/Levels/Test Maps/Simon: All Enemies.frm16 Fighting Test.frm16 Simon.frm16 Spellcaster Sight.frm16 Walking Enemy.frm16

./Cache/IntermediateData/Levels/Test Maps/Suyo: Item Tester.frm16

./Cache/IntermediateData/Levels/Test Maps/Zach: Zach.frm16

./Cache/IntermediateData/Levels/Wilderness Maps: Abandoned Cave.frm16 Barcelona Coast.frm16


./Cache/Levels/1 Barcelona:

./Cache/Levels/Global: Secret Red File Level.frm16 Secret Red File Level.way

./Cache/Levels/Multiplayer: Empty Scratch map.frm16 Empty Scratch map.way Multiplayer All Party Dead.frm16 Multiplayer All Party Dead.way Multiplayer Start.frm16 Multiplayer Start.way

./Cache/Levels/Test Maps: ./Cache/Levels/Test Maps/Simon: All Enemies.frm16 All Enemies.way Fighting Test.frm16 Fighting Test.way Simon.frm16 Simon.way Spellcaster Sight.frm16 Spellcaster Sight.way Walking Enemy.frm16 Walking Enemy.way

Woodcutter Forest.frm16 Woodcutter Forest.way Woodcutter Home interior.frm16 Woodcutter Home interior.way

./Cache/Models: !Unknown Model.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Characters: Demon Aka Mana.mdl16 Demon Shapeshifter.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Editor: Camera Attractor.mdl16 Character Generator Point.mdl16 Character Picker.mdl16 Checker.mdl16 Dead Body Generator.mdl16 Enemy Generator Spot.mdl16 Experience.mdl16 Handle.mdl16 Landscape.mdl16 Position Marker.mdl16 Relay.mdl16 Repeat Timer Trigger.mdl16 Sound.mdl16 Spawn Point.mdl16 Spirit Generator Level1.mdl16 Spirit Generator Level2.mdl16 Spirit Generator Level3.mdl16 Spirit Generator Level4.mdl16 Spirit Generator Level5.mdl16 Store Inventory.mdl16 Test Interaction.mdl16 Tests Trigger Icon, Proximity.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Editor/Tests: RGB24.mdl16 RGB32.mdl16


./Cache/Models/Environments/Hamlet/General/Trees: Burn Tree 01 A.mdl16 Burn Tree 01 B.mdl16 Burn Tree 01.mdl16 Burn Tree 02 B.mdl16 Burn Tree 02 C.mdl16 Burn Tree 02.mdl16 Burn Tree 03 B.mdl16 Burn Tree 03 C.mdl16 Burn Tree 03.mdl16 Burn Tree 04.mdl16 Burn Tree 05 A.mdl16 Burn Tree 05 C.mdl16 Burn Tree 05.mdl16 Burn Tree 06 A.mdl16 Burn Tree 06 C.mdl16 Burn Tree 06.mdl16 Burn Tree 07 A.mdl16 Burn Tree 07 C.mdl16 Burn Tree 07.mdl16 Burn Tree10 A.mdl16 Burn Tree10 B.mdl16 Burn Tree10 C.mdl16 Burn Tree11 A.mdl16 Burn Tree11 B.mdl16 Burn Tree11 C.mdl16 Burn Tree9 A.mdl16 Burn Tree9 B.mdl16 Burn Tree9 C.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items: GenericPickupIcon.mdl16 Inventory Images PickUps PowderKeg Object.mdl16 Projectiles

./Cache/Models/Items/Inventory Images: Armor Misc Items Quest Items Weapons

./Cache/Models/Items/Inventory Images/Armor: Armor Chain.mdl16 Armor FULL Plate.mdl16 Armor Hard Leather.mdl16 Armor Hauberk.mdl16 Armor Leather.mdl16 Armor Plate.mdl16 Bracers Archery.mdl16 Bracers Blessed Archery.mdl16 Bracers Defense.mdl16 Bracers.mdl16 Bracers Stealthy Cunning.mdl16 Gauntlets Hero Strength.mdl16 Gauntlets.mdl16 Gauntlets Spike.mdl16 Gauntlets Vast Power.mdl16 Helmet1.mdl16 Helmet1 Mod.mdl16 Helmet2.mdl16 Helmet2 Mod.mdl16 Helmet3.mdl16 Helmet3 Mod.mdl16 Shield Buckler Best.mdl16 Shield Buckler.mdl16 Shield Holy.mdl16 Shield Large Best.mdl16 Shield Large Better.mdl16 Shield Large.mdl16 Shield Medium Best.mdl16 Shield Medium Better.mdl16 Shield Medium.mdl16 Shield Small Best.mdl16 Shield Small Better.mdl16 Shield Small.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/Inventory Images/Misc Items: AmuletBlack.mdl16 AmuletEmerald.mdl16 AmuletGreenOpal.mdl16 AmuletOpal.mdl16 AmuletRuby.mdl16 Amuletspecial.mdl16 Bear Skin.mdl16 Bear Skin Perk Valuable.mdl16 Belt_Feral.mdl16 Belt_Monk.mdl16 Belt_Normal.mdl16 Belt_Thief.mdl16 Belt_TitanEndur.mdl16 Belt_TitanStrength.mdl16 Belt_Voodoo.mdl16 Book Geomancy.mdl16 Book History Crusades.mdl16 Book History Dragons.mdl16 Book History FellSpirits.mdl16 Book History Inquisition.mdl16 Book History Necromancers.mdl16 Book Nostrodomus.mdl16 Book of Death.mdl16 Book Plain.mdl16 Book Poetry Khan.mdl16 Book Shakespeares Works.mdl16 Book Shylocke Art Barter.mdl16 Boots Arid Jinn.mdl16 Boots Better.mdl16 BootsDark.mdl16 Boots Marco Polo.mdl16 Boots.mdl16 BootsRed.mdl16 Booze.mdl16 Cloak DecoratedGreen.mdl16 Cloak Decorated.mdl16 CloakExtra.mdl16 Cloak.mdl16 Cloak Special.mdl16 Gem Diamond.mdl16 Gem Emerald.mdl16 Gem Onyx.mdl16 Gem Ruby.mdl16 Goblin Pie.mdl16 Images for RED file JewelryHighValue2.mdl16 JewelryHighValue.mdl16 JewelryLowValue.mdl16 JewelryMidValue2.mdl16 JewelryMidValue3.mdl16 JewelryMidValue.mdl16 Key Brass.mdl16 Key Giant.mdl16 Key Skeleton.mdl16 Key Skull.mdl16 Key Tregethia.mdl16 Key Ward.mdl16 Potion Antidote.mdl16 Potion Arrow Deflect.mdl16 Potion CureAll.mdl16 Potion Defense.mdl16 Potion Extra Healing.mdl16 Potion FireProtection.mdl16 Potion Healing.mdl16 Potion Luck.mdl16 Potion ManaRecharge.mdl16 Potion Mass Healing.mdl16 Potion SecretReveal.mdl16 Potion Speed.mdl16 Potion Stealth.mdl16 Potion Strength.mdl16 Potion Unknown.mdl16 Potion Vampirism.mdl16 Powder Keg Mini.mdl16 RelicCross.mdl16 RingGold Green.mdl16 RingGold.mdl16 RingGold Red.mdl16 RingGold White.mdl16 RingJeweled1.mdl16 RingJeweled2.mdl16 RingJeweled2 Red.mdl16 RingJeweled3.mdl16 Ring Richard.mdl16 RingSigil 2.mdl16 RingSigil.mdl16 RingSilver.mdl16 RingSpecial.mdl16 River Dryad Pearl.mdl16 ScollProtectionCold.mdl16 ScollProtectionElectricity.mdl16 ScrollCounterDarkness.mdl16 ScrollMassHeal.mdl16 ScrollProtectionAcid.mdl16 ScrollProtectionFire.mdl16 ScrollStrength.mdl16 ScrollTregethia.mdl16 ScrollWind.mdl16 Serpents Bile.mdl16 WandCursedTotem.mdl16 WandExtra2.mdl16 WandExtra.mdl16 WandFireball.mdl16 WandFireCircle.mdl16 WandLightingStorm.mdl16 WandLightning.mdl16 WandMage.mdl16 WandSlow.mdl16 WandSpike.mdl16 Wasp Stinger.mdl16 Wine.mdl16 Wolf Pelt.mdl16 Wolf Pelt Perk Valuable.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/Inventory Images/Misc Items/Images for RED file: Amulet Dour Tidings.mdl16 Gauntlets Hellfire.mdl16 Sword Undead Ice.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/Inventory Images/Quest Items: Alamut Talisman.mdl16 Bleeding Lance.mdl16 Clover.mdl16 Cortez Gears.mdl16 Cortez Mech Arm.mdl16 Cortez Mech Rod.mdl16 Darkwood.mdl16 DaVinci Crossbow.mdl16 DaVinci Gear.mdl16 DaVinci Scope.mdl16 Deed Silver Mine.mdl16 Eduardo Sword.mdl16 Esteban Knife.mdl16 Frogs.mdl16 Genie Lamp Crypt.mdl16 Hair of Saint.mdl16 Hair of Wererat.mdl16 InquisChalice.mdl16 Khans Sword.mdl16 Lava Troll Hide.mdl16 Letter to Jafar.mdl16 Lion Shield.mdl16 Potion Lycanthropy.mdl16 PotionOfTrans.mdl16 Potion Wolf.mdl16 Rare Herb.mdl16 Red Iron Ore.mdl16 RelicanRing.mdl16 RodInquisitor.mdl16 Rod of Bone.mdl16 Sacred Scimitar.mdl16 SepterChambers.mdl16 Shakespeares Muse.mdl16 Shard of Dreams.mdl16 Silver Ore.mdl16 Spirit Gem.mdl16 Switch Rod La Calle.mdl16 Tank Gear.mdl16 Thief Armband.mdl16 Thief Locket.mdl16 Titan Crystal.mdl16 Titan Mercury.mdl16 Titan Sphere.mdl16 Trapped Spirit Amulet.mdl16 Trapped Spirit Ring.mdl16 Voydyanoi Skull.mdl16 Wielder Charm.mdl16 Woodsmans Eyes.mdl16 Woodsmans Liver.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/Inventory Images/Weapons: Arrows and Bolts Special ArrowsBest.mdl16 ArrowsBetter.mdl16 Arrows.mdl16 BastardSwordBetter.mdl16 BastardSword.mdl16 BastardSwordSpecial.mdl16 BattleAxBetter.mdl16 BattleAxGreat.mdl16 BattleAx.mdl16 BattleAxSpecial.mdl16 BoltsBest.mdl16 BoltsBetter.mdl16 Bolts.mdl16 BowBetter.mdl16 Bow Electricity.mdl16 Bow Frost.mdl16 Bow.mdl16 Bow Scorch.mdl16 BowSpecial.mdl16 Club.mdl16 ClubSpecial.mdl16 CrossBowBetter.mdl16 CrossBow.mdl16 CrossBowSpecial.mdl16 Ebony Blade.mdl16 Fiery Blade.mdl16 Gobstobber Axe.mdl16 Ivory Mace.mdl16 LongSwordBetter.mdl16 LongSword.mdl16 LongSwordSpecial.mdl16 MaceBetter.mdl16 MaceGreat.mdl16 Mace.mdl16 MaceSpecial.mdl16 MorningStarBetter.mdl16 MorningStar.mdl16 MorningStarSpecial.mdl16 Scimitar.mdl16 ScimitarSpecial.mdl16 ShortSwordBetter.mdl16 ShortSword.mdl16 ShortSwordSpecial.mdl16 Sword Silent Death.mdl16 Sword Undead Bane.mdl16 TwoHandSwordBetter.mdl16 TwoHandSwordGreat.mdl16 TwoHandSword.mdl16 TwoHandSwordSpecial.mdl16 WarHammerBetter.mdl16 WarHammer.mdl16 Warhammer of Pain.mdl16 WarHammerSpecial.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/Inventory Images/Weapons/Arrows and Bolts Special: Arrow_Acid.mdl16 Arrow_Cold.mdl16 Arrow_Electricity.mdl16 Arrow_Fiery.mdl16 Arrow_Poison.mdl16 Bolt_Acid.mdl16 Bolt_Cold.mdl16 Bolt_Fiery.mdl16 Bolt_Poison.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/PickUps: Armor Bow_Pickup.mdl16 Gold HUGE Pile_PU.mdl16 Gold Large Pile_PU.mdl16 Gold Small Pile_PU.mdl16 Gold XtraSmall Pile_PU.mdl16 Misc Items PU Chainmail.mdl16 Special Items Spirit Energy Sword1.mdl16 Weapons

./Cache/Models/Items/PickUps/Armor: ChainMail_PU.mdl16 FULLPlateMail_PU.mdl16 HardLeatherArmor_PU.mdl16 HauberkMail_PU.mdl16 LeatherArmor_PU.mdl16 PlateMail_PU.mdl16 Shield_LargeBETTER_PU.mdl16 Shield_Large_PU.mdl16 Shield_LargeSPECIAL_PU.mdl16 Shield_MediumBETTER_PU.mdl16 Shield_Medium_PU.mdl16 Shield_MediumSPECIAL_PU.mdl16 Shield_SmallBETTER_PU.mdl16 Shield_Small_PU.mdl16 Shield_SmallSPECIAL_PU.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/PickUps/Misc Items: Amulet_PU.mdl16 BeltFeral_PU.mdl16 BeltMonk_PU.mdl16 Belt_PU.mdl16 BeltTitanEndure_PU.mdl16 BeltTitanStrength_PU.mdl16 BeltVoodoo_PU.mdl16 Book_PU.mdl16 Boots_PU.mdl16 Bracers_PU.mdl16 Cloak_PU.mdl16 Gauntlet_PU.mdl16 Gem_PU.mdl16 Helmet2_PU.mdl16 Helmet3_PU.mdl16 Helmet4_PU.mdl16 Helmet_PU.mdl16 Key_PU.mdl16 Neclace_PU.mdl16 Potion_PU.mdl16 Ring_PU.mdl16 Scroll_PU.mdl16 Wand_PU.mdl16 Wands

./Cache/Models/Items/PickUps/Misc Items/Wands: CursedTotem.mdl16 RodFireCircle.mdl16 RodOfBone.mdl16 RodOfInquisitor.mdl16 RodOfMage.mdl16 RodOfSpirits.mdl16 SepterChambers.mdl16 SpikeWand.mdl16 WandLightning.mdl16 WandLightStorm.mdl16 WandOfFireBall.mdl16 WandSlow.mdl16 XtraRod1.mdl16 XtraRod2.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/PickUps/Special Items: Alamut Talisman_PU.mdl16 ArmGear_PU.mdl16 ArmRod_PU.mdl16 Bear Skin_PU.mdl16 Booze_PU.mdl16 ChaliceInquisitor_PU.mdl16 CrossbowGear_PU.mdl16 CrossbowScope_PU.mdl16 CrossOfRegret_PU.mdl16 CrownThorns_PU.mdl16 EstebanDagger_PU.mdl16 FelgnashSword_PU.mdl16 Frogs_PU.mdl16 Genie Lamp in Crypt_PU.mdl16 GiantStinger_PU.mdl16 Goblin Pie_PU.mdl16 GobstobberAxe_PU.mdl16 HairOfSaint_PU.mdl16 HammerBjon_PU.mdl16 IvoryMace_PU.mdl16 KhansSword_PU.mdl16 LavaTrollHide_PU.mdl16 LionShield_PU.mdl16 MagetSilver_PU.mdl16 Pearl_PU.mdl16 PolosBoots_PU.mdl16 PotionTransform_PU.mdl16 PowderKegMini_PU.mdl16 RareHerb_PU.mdl16 RedIronOre_PU.mdl16 SacredScimitar_PU.mdl16 Serpents Bile_PU.mdl16 ShakespearesMuse_PU.mdl16 ShardDreams_PU.mdl16 SilverMineDeed_PU.mdl16 SpearDestinyFALSE_PU.mdl16 SpearDestiny_PU.mdl16 SpiritTransGem_PU.mdl16 ThiefEmblem_PU.mdl16 TitanCrystal_PU.mdl16 Titan Mercury_PU.mdl16 TitanSphere_PU.mdl16 VoydyanoiSkull_PU.mdl16 Wine_PU.mdl16 WolfPelt_PU.mdl16 WoodsmanEyes_PU.mdl16 WoodsmanLiver_PU.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/PickUps/Spirit Energy: Health Ground Light.mdl16 PU Health Charge 1.mdl16 PU Spirit Mana Charge 1.mdl16 PU Spirit Mana Charge 2.mdl16 PU Spirit Mana Charge 3.mdl16 Spirit Ground Light A.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/PickUps/Weapons: ArrowsCold_PU.mdl16 ArrowsFire_PU.mdl16 ArrowsPoison_PU.mdl16 Arrows_PU.mdl16 BattleAxeGreat_PU.mdl16 BattleAxe_PU.mdl16 BoltsCold_PU.mdl16 BoltsFire_PU.mdl16 BoltsPoison_PU.mdl16 Bolts_PU.mdl16 BowCOLD_PU.mdl16 Bow_Composite_PU.mdl16 BowFIRE_PU.mdl16 Bow_PU.mdl16 Club_PU.mdl16 CrossBow_PU.mdl16 MaceGreat_PU.mdl16 Mace_PU.mdl16 MorningStar_PU.mdl16 Scimitar_PU.mdl16 ScimitarSacred_PU.mdl16 Sword_Bastard_PU.mdl16 Sword_EbonyBerserker_PU.mdl16 Sword_FIERY_PU.mdl16 Sword_Long_PU.mdl16 Sword_RigorMortis_PU.mdl16 Sword_Short_PU.mdl16 Sword_TwoHandedGreat_PU.mdl16 Sword_TwoHanded_PU.mdl16 WarHammerPain_PU.mdl16 WarHammer_PU.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Items/Projectiles: Arrow_Bullet.mdl16 Arrow Level 1.mdl16 Arrow Level 2.mdl16 Arrow Level 3.mdl16 Bolt Level 1.mdl16 Bolt Level 2.mdl16 Bolt Level 3.mdl16 Catapult Shot A.mdl16 Meat Chunk2.mdl16 Meat Chunk Hit2.mdl16 Meat Chunk Hit.mdl16 Meat Chunk.mdl16 Rock1 hit.mdl16 Rock1.mdl16 Rock2 hit.mdl16 Rock2.mdl16 snakewomanhit.mdl16 V Monster Shot2.mdl16 V Monster Shot.mdl16 voidhit.mdl16 Zombie Meat Chunk2.mdl16 Zombie Meat Chunk Hit2.mdl16 Zombie Meat Chunk Hit.mdl16 Zombie Meat Chunk.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Particles: Divine Tracer.mdl16 Divine Tracer Smll.mdl16 Dragon Fire.mdl16 SylvantGreen.mdl16 SylvantRed.mdl16 SylvantWhite.mdl16 SylvantYellow.mdl16 Thought Tracer.mdl16 Thought Tracer Smll.mdl16 Tribal Tracer.mdl16 Tribal Tracer Smll.mdl16 V Monster Shot trail2.mdl16 V Monster Shot trail.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Special Effects: Acid Steam 01.mdl16 Acid Steam 02.mdl16 Big Fire.mdl16 Blue Torch Fire.mdl16 Catapult Explode A.mdl16 Festering Explosion.mdl16 fire 1.mdl16 MPlayer01.mdl16 MPlayer02.mdl16 MPlayer03.mdl16 MPlayer04.mdl16 Music Notes.mdl16 Poisonous Cloud.mdl16 Red Torch Fire.mdl16 Secret Icon.mdl16 smoke 3.mdl16 Spirit Calls Spirits Teleport Generic.mdl16 TeleportL Big.mdl16 TeleportL.mdl16 TeleportR Big.mdl16 TeleportR.mdl16 Torch Fire.mdl16 Transformation.mdl16 Troll Stomp.mdl16 Waves Zombie Getup.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Special Effects/Spirit Calls: Ancestral.mdl16 Beast.mdl16 Demon.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Special Effects/Spirits: Ancestral Back.mdl16 Ancestral Left.mdl16 Ancestral.mdl16 Ancestral Right.mdl16 Beast Back.mdl16 Beast Left.mdl16 Beast.mdl16 Beast Right.mdl16 Demonic Back.mdl16 Demonic Left.mdl16 Demonic.mdl16 Demonic Right.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Special Effects/Waves: Wave A.mdl16 Wave B.mdl16 Wave C.mdl16 Wave D.mdl16 Wave E.mdl16 Wave F.mdl16 Wave G.mdl16 Wave H.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects: Fake E3 Summon.mdl16 Flashes Ground lights Hits and Effects Shots

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Flashes: Electrical Attacks Fire Attacks

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Flashes/Electrical Attacks: Electrical Flash Small.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Flashes/Fire Attacks: Fireball Small Flash.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Ground lights: Electric Light.mdl16 Fire Light.mdl16 Purple Light.mdl16 Smoke.mdl16 White Light.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects: Corpse Effects Divine Radial Cast Effect.mdl16 Electrical Attacks Fire Attacks Heal Ice Attacks Shield STAT-Ability Increase Summoning Target Affected Thought Radial Cast Effect.mdl16 Tribal Radial Cast Effect.mdl16 Turn Undead.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Corpse Effects: Absorb Spirit.mdl16 Corpse Bomb.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Electrical Attacks: Electrical Burst Lrg.mdl16 Electrical Burst Med.mdl16 Electrical Burst Smll.mdl16 Lightning Bolt2.mdl16 Lightning Bolt3.mdl16 Lightning Bolt.mdl16 Lightning Storm.mdl16 Static Charge Hit.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Fire Attacks: Fireball Med Lrg Hit.mdl16 Fireball Small Hit.mdl16 Fire Circle.mdl16 Fire Circle Medium.mdl16 Fire Circle Small.mdl16 Fire Ground 02.mdl16 Fire Ground 03.mdl16 Fire Ground.mdl16 Fire Orb Big Hit.mdl16 Fire Orb Hit.mdl16 Flame Thrower

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Fire Attacks/Flame Thrower: Fire puff 02.mdl16 Fire puff 03.mdl16 Fire puff.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Heal: Devine Assistance.mdl16 Extra Heal Potions.mdl16 Heal.mdl16 Potion of Cure All.mdl16 Potion of Healing.mdl16 Potion of Mana Recharge.mdl16 Potion of Mass Healing.mdl16 Potion of Super Mana Recharge.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Ice Attacks: Cold Ground.mdl16 Ice Ring Large.mdl16 Ice Ring.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Shield: Armor of Bones.mdl16 Cold Bite.mdl16 Cold Ground 02.mdl16 Cold Ground.mdl16 Fire Ground Thought.mdl16 Holy Fire Divine 2.mdl16 Holy Fire Divine.mdl16 Magical Aura.mdl16 Magical Shield Thought.mdl16 Mana Shield Divine.mdl16 Mana Shield Thought.mdl16 Mana Shield Tribal.mdl16 Physical Shield.mdl16 Shield Magic Electrical Absorb.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/STAT-Ability Increase: Aid.mdl16 Animal Grace.mdl16 Antidote Potion.mdl16 Backlash.mdl16 Blessed Aim.mdl16 Divine Might.mdl16 Greater Resistance.mdl16 Greater Sight.mdl16 Mana Recharge.mdl16 Potion of Arrow Deflection.mdl16 Potion of Defense.mdl16 Potion of speed.mdl16 Potion of Stealth.mdl16 Potion of Strength.mdl16 Resist Fire.mdl16 Resist Poison.mdl16 Scroll of Acid Protection.mdl16 Scroll of Cold Protection.mdl16 Shroud of Darkness.mdl16 Undead Energy.mdl16 Undead Resistance.mdl16 Vampire.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Summoning: Insect Plague.mdl16 Monster Summoning.mdl16 Raise Enemy.mdl16 Raise Undead.mdl16 Spiritual Knight.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Hits and Effects/Target Affected: Amplify Damage.mdl16 Celestial Smite.mdl16 Charm.mdl16 Cripple Enemies.mdl16 Divine Strength.mdl16 Exorcise.mdl16 Fear.mdl16 Sleep.mdl16 Slow.mdl16 Vilify.mdl16 Wand of Poison Touch.mdl16 Weaken Enemies Divine.mdl16 Weapon Magic Acid Splash.mdl16 Weapon Magic of Cold Storage.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Shots: Arrow hit 01.mdl16 Arrow hit 02.mdl16 Arrow hit 03.mdl16 Celestial Smite.mdl16 Divine Shot.mdl16 Electrical Attacks Exorcise.mdl16 Fire Attacks Ice Javelin Hit A.mdl16 Ice Javelin.mdl16 Ice Missle.mdl16 Ice Missle Particle.mdl16 Ice Ring.mdl16 Ice Storm 01 A.mdl16 Ice Storm 02 A.mdl16 Ice Storm spawn.mdl16 Mystic Eyeball A.mdl16 Poison Spike Hit.mdl16 Poison Spike.mdl16 Spike Hit.mdl16 Spike.mdl16 Thought Shot.mdl16 Tribal Shot.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Shots/Electrical Attacks: Lightning Storm.mdl16 Static Charge.mdl16

./Cache/Models/Spell Effects/Shots/Fire Attacks: Chaos Dragon SHOT.mdl16 Fireball large.mdl16 Fireball Medium.mdl16 Fireball Med.mdl16 Fire Orb Large.mdl16 Fire Orb.mdl16 Fire Orb Medium.mdl16 FlameThrower 01.mdl16 FlameThrower 02.mdl16 FlameThrower SHOT.mdl16 Sand Dragon SHOT.mdl16 Small Fireball.mdl16

./Cache/Models/UI: Direction Indicator.mdl16 Direction Pointer02.mdl16 Direction Pointer.mdl16 Walk To Location.mdl16

./Cache/Resources: Dialog Editor Fonts Interface Main Menu !None.frm16 Skills Temporary Modifier HUD Icons

./Cache/Resources/Dialog: NPC Portraits Reply Icons

./Cache/Resources/Dialog/NPC Portraits: aka mana.frm16 Ali Akbah Desert Merchant.frm16 Alonzo Perez de Gusman el Bueno.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Dialog/Reply Icons: Attribute Icon.frm16 Barter Skill Icon.frm16 Exit Icon.frm16 Fight Icon.frm16 Quest Icon.frm16 Speach Skill Icon.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Editor: Large Folder.frm16 Parent Folder.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Fonts: Character Dialog.frm16 Courier.frm16 Courier Green.frm16 Courier Red.frm16 DebugFont.frm16 Dialog Window Font.frm16 Dialog Window Font NPC.frm16 Dialog Window Font PLAYER.frm16 Gold Editor.frm16 Loading Font.frm16 Main Menu Font.frm16 Main Menu Font HOVER.frm16 Main Menu Font Shadow.frm16 Med Gold.frm16 Small Blue.frm16 Small Dialog.frm16 Small Gold.frm16 Small Green.frm16 Small Red.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface: Automap Window Character Creation Screens Character Window CompanyLogo.frm16 Credits Art Help Window HUD Pieces Inventory Window JWindows JWindowSkins Loading Screens Merchant Window Mouse Cursors Multi-Players Mute.frm16 Noninteractive Sequence Playing.seq16 Target Window Tool Icons World Map

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Automap Window: Map Window Background.frm16 Map Window Close Button Hover.frm16 Map Window Close Button Pressed.frm16 Map Window MainMap_Button Hover.frm16 Map Window MainMap_Button Pressed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens:

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens/Page 1: Background.frm16 Character Backdrop.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Character Window: Borders Character Window Background.frm16 Close Character Window Hover.frm16 Close Character Window Pressed.frm16 Tag Skill Icon.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Character Window/Borders: Big Horizontal.frm16 Big Vertical.frm16 Small Horizontal.frm16 Small Vertical.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Credits Art: alienware-logo.frm16 bink-logo.frm16 divblackisle.frm16 granny-Logo.frm16 lionheart-logo.frm16 pixo-logo.frm16 reflexive-logo.frm16 zlib-logo.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Help Window: Help Window Background.frm16 Help Window Close Button Hover.frm16 Help Window Close Button Pressed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces: Empty Blood.seq16 Empty Mana.seq16 WithoutHud FindTraps.frm16 WithoutHudhealth.frm16 WithoutHudMana.frm16 WithoutHud Sneaking.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/Buttons: Blank Hover.frm16 Blank Pressed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/Dialog View Buttons: Combat Dialog Hover.frm16 Combat Dialog Normal.frm16 Combat Dialog Pressed.frm16 Dialog Hover.frm16 Dialog Normal.frm16 Dialog Pressed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/MultiplayerButtons: Mchat Pressed.frm16 Mplayer01 Hover.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/Text Window:

./Cache/Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/Text Window/Buttons: Attributes Hover.frm16 Attributes Pressed.frm16 AutoMap Hover.frm16 AutoMap Pressed.frm16 Help Hover.frm16 Help Pressed.frm16 Journal Hover.frm16 Journal Pressed.frm16 Perks Hover.frm16 Perks Pressed.frm16 Profile Hover.frm16 Profile Pressed.frm16 Skills Hover.frm16 Skills Pressed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Inventory Window: Buttons Cannot Equip Item Background.frm16 Close Inventory Button Hover.frm16 Close Inventory Button Pressed.frm16 Equiped Item Background.frm16 Inventory Background.frm16 Magic Item Background.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Inventory Window/Buttons: Show All Hover.frm16 Show All Pressed.frm16 Show Armor Hover.frm16 Show Armor Pressed.frm16 Show Misc Hover.frm16 Show Misc Pressed.frm16 Show Quest Items Hover.frm16 Show Quest Items Pressed.frm16 Show Weapons Hover.frm16 Show Weapons Pressed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/JWindows: File Icon.frm16 Folder Closed Icon.frm16 Folder Open Icon.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins: Form Edges Ricochet Button Texture.frm16 Webform Button Texture.frm16 Webform Window Texture.frm16 Window Edges Window Hover Texture.frm16 Window Pressed Texture.frm16 Window Texture.frm16 XRPG Primary Skin Theme

./Cache/Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/Form Edges: BotCenter.frm16 BotLeft.frm16 BotRight.frm16 LeftCenter.frm16 RightCenter.frm16 TopCenter.frm16 TopLeft.frm16 TopRight.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/Window Edges: OutEdgebttmrtcrnrALPHA.frm16 OutEdgebttmrtcrnr.frm16 OutEdgelbttm.frm16 OutEdgelftcrnrbttmALPHA.frm16 OutEdgelftcrnrbttm.frm16 OutEdgelft.frm16 OutEdgeright.frm16 OutEdgetop.frm16 OutEdgeuprLeftcrnr.frm16 OutEdgeuprritecrnrALPHA.frm16 OutEdgeuprritecrnrButton.frm16 OutEdgeuprritecrnr.frm16 OutEdgeuprrleftcrnrALPHA.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/XRPG Primary Skin Theme:

./Cache/Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/XRPG Primary Skin Theme/Picture Buttons: PIC Bottom Left Corner.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Loading Screens: 1 Barcelona.frm16 Wilderness Maps.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Merchant Window: Merchant Window Background.frm16 Merchant Window Close Button Hover.frm16 Merchant Window Close Button Pressed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Mouse Cursors:

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Mouse Cursors/Editor: New Polygon.seq16 Pull Ground.seq16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Multi-Players: GameSpy Logo.seq16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Target Window: Arms Hover.frm16 Arms Pressed.frm16 Close Target Button Hover.frm16 Close Target Button Pressed.frm16 Head Hover.frm16 Head Pressed.frm16 Legs Hover.frm16 Legs Pressed.frm16 Target Window Background.frm16 Target Window Slider Background.frm16 Torso Hover.frm16 Torso Pressed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/Tool Icons: Align.frm16 Copy.frm16 Cut.frm16 Delete.frm16 Dropper.frm16 Edit Polygon.frm16 Hand.frm16 Hide Selection.frm16 Image Browser.frm16 Insert Gravity Obstacle.frm16 Insert New Entity.frm16 Insert New Polygon.frm16 Insert New Render Polygon.frm16 Insert New Way Points Polygon.frm16 Item Counter.frm16 Layer Locator.frm16 Memory Usage Report.frm16 Outline.frm16 Paint.frm16 Paste.frm16 Paste Path.frm16 Pull Ground.frm16 Recenter.frm16 Replace.frm16 Save.frm16 Select All Touching.frm16 Select.frm16 Select Next Touching.frm16 Select Same Name.frm16 Show All.frm16 Show Clipboard.frm16 Show Grid.frm16 Show MiniMap.frm16 Show Polygons.frm16 Show Scrap Book.frm16 Show Volumes.frm16 Snap To.frm16 Spray Can.frm16 Toggel_WayPointPolys.frm16 Toggel_WayPoints.frm16 Under Construction.frm16 Y Sort.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/World Map: Close World Map Button Hover.frm16 You Are Here.seq16

./Cache/Resources/Interface/World Map/Points Of Interest: Alamut16.frm16 Barcelona01.frm16 CavernNostradamus14.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Main Menu: Painted Backgrounds

./Cache/Resources/Main Menu/Painted Backgrounds: Background 01.seq16


./Cache/Resources/Skills/Fighting: Evasion.frm16 OneHandedMelee.frm16 Ranged.frm16 TwoHandedMelee.frm16 Unarmed.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Skills/Generic Skill Icons: Generic Skill Icon.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Skills/Magic Tribal/Offensive: Vampire.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Skills/Thieving: Barter.frm16 Diplomacy.frm16 Find Traps Secret Doors.frm16 Lockpick Disarm Traps.frm16 Sneak.frm16 Speech.frm16

./Cache/Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons: Critical Hit Types Damage Types Over Time Divine Spell Effects


  • FRM16 files, organized by environment. Names correspond to those in ./Textures

./Categories: Animal.txt Companion.txt Corpse.txt Enemy Shot.txt Enemy.txt Goblin.txt NonInteractiveSequence Actor.txt Player Friend.txt Player Shot.txt Player.txt Scripted Custom 1.txt Scripted Custom 2.txt Spell Immunity.txt Summoned Creature.txt Top Hide.TXT Undead.txt

./Damage Types: !None.txt Normal.txt Unavoidable.txt

./Death Behaviors: BoneSwimmer Default.txt Character ALREADY ON GROUND.txt Crater Default.txt Festering Undead Walk Default.txt Generic Human Default.txt Generic Player Default.txt !None.txt Orc Default.txt Start game wolf death behaivor.TXT Zax Default.txt

./Interface: Loading.txt Menu Background.txt Textures

./Interface/Textures: Inactive Window Texture.txt Inactive Window Title Tile.txt Thumb.txt Window Texture.txt Window Title Tile.txt


./Levels/Wilderness Maps: Abandoned Cave.zax Barcelona Coast.zax Bounty Hunter Camp.zax Cortez Cave.zax Crossroads.zax


./Models/Environments/Shrine Level/Walls/WallPLANE3: Properties.txt


  • Bink videos, referenced from Credits.txt


  • Music and ambient OGG files organized by level.

./Music/Main Menu:

./Resources: !None.can !None.Quest.txt !None.Spirit.txt !None.txt

./Resources/Character Attributes:

CCharacterAttribute objects for each of the seven fundamental character attributes.

Example: (AG) Agility.CharacterAttribute

./Resources/Character Slot Types:

CCharacterSlotType objects describing player's equipment slots.

Example: Arm.CharacterSlotType

./Resources/Cheat Code Scripts:

CScriptedCheatCode objects, implementing various cheats like incleasing player stats.

./Resources/Common AIs: CCannedObject Stop During Dialog.can

./Resources/Common Objects and Scripts: Autosave.can Damage Spell Recast Duration.can Damage Spell Recast Timer.can Demokin passing as Human.can Detect Spellcast.can Disarm Trap.can Disarm Trap on Chest.can Environmental SFX Event Notification Actions First HEALTH Pickup Spirit Call.can First Mana Pickup Spirit Call.can Found Hidden Treasure.can Found Illusionary Wall.can Found Secret Door.can Found Trap.can Genderate Dead Body.can Generate Magic Item Level Cans GrannyClassTypeFixupExpressions Mana Drain from Inquisition Crosses.can Medium Disease Damage.can Medium Disease Duration.can Medium Poison Damage.can Medium Poison Duration.can Raise Enemy Action.can RED FILE Presell Pack Installed.can Resurrect player.can Set Carcass for Corpse Bomb.can Set Dead Entity to Interact.can Setup player corps.can Spirit 1 Generate Action.can Spirit 2 Generate Action.can Spirit 3 Generate Action.can Spirit 4 Generate Action.can Spirit 5 Generate Action.can Strong Disease Damage.can Strong Disease Duration.can Strong Poison Damage.can Strong Poison Duration.can Taken Hidden Treasure.can Triggered Idol Trap in Alamut.can Triggered Trap.can Undead Spells.can Weak Disease Damage.can Weak Disease Duration.can Weak Poison Damage.can Weak Poison Duration.can

./Resources/Common Objects and Scripts/Environmental SFX: Barcelona Attack SFX AI.can Barcelona Gate AI.can Cave AI NO Monsters.can Cave AI WITH Monsters.can Church Interior SFX AI.can Crypt ALL SFX AI.can Inquisition Screams SFX AI.can Montaillou AI.can Sewers ALL SFX AI.can Sewers JUST MONSTERS AI.can Sewers JUST WATER AI.can Tavern Barcelona AI.can

./Resources/Common Objects and Scripts/Event Notification Actions: Ammo Not Selected.can Cannot Cast Spell Don't Know Why.can Cannot Equip Inventory Item.can Companion Joined.can Encumbered.can Health at absolute maximum message.can Instant Hit Can Not See Target.can Inventory Item Recived.can Launcher Can Not See Target.can Mana at absolute maximum message.can Must Have Target To Cast Spell.can New Perks Available.can New Skill Points Available.can No longer Encumbered.can No Spell Selected.can Not Enough Ammo.can Not Enough Mana.can Party Not Ready To Make Map Transition.can Quest Log Updated.can Skill Is Disabled.can Skill Value Zero.can Spell Cast Location Too Far Away.can Start Companion Follow.can Start Sneaking.can Stop Companion Follow.can Stop Sneaking.can Too Soon To Recast Spell.can You must gather your party.can

./Resources/Common Objects and Scripts/Generate Magic Item Level Cans: Chest Generator Average.can Chest Generator Good.can Chest Generator Great.can Shopkeeper Generation 1 to Mojo.can Shopkeeper Generation Very High Mojo.can Specific Types USE SPARINGLY

./Resources/Common Objects and Scripts/Generate Magic Item Level Cans/Specific Types USE SPARINGLY: Average Mojo minus1.can Average Mojo minus2.can Average Mojo plus1.can Average Mojo plus2.can Average Mojo plus3.can Random 1 to Avg Mojo.can

./Resources/Common Objects and Scripts/GrannyClassTypeFixupExpressions: MeleeAttackSpeedExpression.object RangedAttackSpeedExpression.object WalkSpeedExpression.object

./Resources/Critical Hits: CCriticalHitEffect

Groin Shot.CriticalHitEffect.txt

./Resources/Damage Types: CXRPGDamageType


./Resources/Damage Types/Damage Hit Or Miss: CDamageHitOrMiss objects in this directory implement calculation of one's chance to hit his opponent. In Special conditions subdir are calculations for specific types of opponents.

Example: TwoHandedMelee.DamageHitOrMiss

./Resources/Derived Character Attributes: CDerivedCharacterAttribute objects here implement attributes derived from the base ones. E.g. CarryWeight attribute is computed as (ST) Strength * 25 + 25. In other case the attrubutes seem to be only placeholders or variable definitins, though, because they are defined with constant expressions.

Example: CarryWeight.DerivedCharacterAttribute

./Resources/Dialog: Dialog Skin Theme.JWindowSkin CJWindowAlphaTheme Possibly a skin for an editor written in Java?

Dialog Tree Display Options.object CDialogTreeDisplayOptions

./Resources/Dialog/Editor: CDialogTree

NIS Test.DialogTree Warp Create Character.DialogTree

./Resources/Dialog/NPC Portraits: CStandAloneFrame seems to define image parameters for NPC portraits, like RLE, quality…

./Resources/Dialog/Reply Icons: CStandAloneFrame image parameters for dialog reply icons (fight, barter, …)

Speach Skill Icon.txt

./Resources/Dialog/Requirements: CCannedObject objects in this tree implement tests for values of various attributes or for identity.

Example: Inquisitor IS.can Karma equalless 1750.can

./Resources/Dificulty Types: CLevelOfDificulty objects define effects of difficulty settings


./Resources/Editor: CStandAloneFrame image parameters for some editor icons

./Resources/Factions: CCharacterFaction defines effects of joing (or being promoted to) a given faction

Example: Templar Paladin.Faction

./Resources/Fonts: CFont and CStandAloneFrame Most of files in this folder come in pairs: a *.FONT.TXT file with CFont object, which define TrueType font parameters and a *.txt file with CStandAloneFrame object.

The referenced TrueType fonts are in the True Types subdir.

Example: Courier Green.FONT.TXT Courier Green.txt

./Resources/Fonts/True Types: TrueType fonts referenced in objects in the parent folder.

./Resources/Game Types: CXrpgQuestGameType


./Resources/Interaction Specifiers: CMouseInOverOutAnimatedCursor CMouseOverAnimatedCursor CAIInteractionSpecifierType

Seems to specify cursors for various MouseOvers, but there's more.

Exit Area.Cursor.txt GetCloseThen Continue On.InteractionSpecifierType

./Resources/Interface: AutoMap Options.Object Automap Window Character Creation Screens Character Creator UI Options.object Character Window CompanyLogo.txt Credits Art Help.FOO Help Window HUD Pieces Inventory Window JWindows JWindowSkins Loading Screens Merchant Window Mute.txt Player List Display Options.Object Target Window Tool Icons World Map

./Resources/Interface/Automap Window: Map Window Background.txt Map Window Close Button Hover.txt Map Window Close Button Pressed.txt Map Window MainMap_Button Hover.txt Map Window MainMap_Button Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens: Character Attributes Tab Imported and Pregen Tab Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

./Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens/Character Attributes Tab: Attributes Tab Hover.txt Attributes Tab Pressed.txt Character Tab Hover.txt Character Tab Pressed.txt Damage Icon.txt Damage Tab Hover.txt Damage Tab Pressed.txt Damage Types Resist Icon.txt Skills Tab Hover.txt Skills Tab Pressed.txt Threshold Icon.txt

./Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens/Character Attributes Tab/Damage Types: Acid Damage Icon.txt Cold Damage Icon.txt Crushing Damage Icon.txt Disease Damage Icon.txt Electrical Damage Icon.txt Fire Damage Icon.txt Piercing Damage Icon.txt Poision Damage Icon.txt Slashing Damage Icon.txt

./Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens/Imported and Pregen Tab: Load Character Tab Hover.txt Load Character Tab Pressed.txt PreGenerated Tab Hover.txt PreGenerated Tab Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens/Page 1: Background.txt Character Backdrop.txt Spacer.txt

./Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens/Page 2: Background.txt Character Backdrop.txt

./Resources/Interface/Character Creation Screens/Page 3: Background.txt Bot Slot Hover.txt Bot Slot Pressed.txt Mid Slot Hover.txt Mid Slot Pressed.txt Top Slot Hover.txt Top Slot pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/Character Window: Borders Character Window Background.txt Close Character Window Hover.txt Close Character Window Pressed.txt Tag Skill Icon.txt

./Resources/Interface/Character Window/Borders: Big Horizontal.txt Small Horizontal.txt Small Vertical.txt

./Resources/Interface/Credits Art: alienware-logo.txt bink-logo.txt divblackisle.txt granny-Logo.txt lionheart-logo.txt pixo-logo.txt reflexive-logo.txt zlib-logo.txt

./Resources/Interface/Help Window: Help Window Background.txt Help Window Close Button Hover.txt Help Window Close Button Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces: Buttons Dialog View Buttons Hud Background.txt Hud Background Without Lion.txt MultiplayerButtons Text Window WithoutHud FindTraps.txt WithoutHudhealth.txt WithoutHudMana.txt WithoutHud Sneaking.txt

./Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/Buttons: Blank Hover.txt Blank Pressed.txt Center on Character Hover.txt Center on Character Pressed.txt Inventory Hover.txt Inventory Pressed.txt Menu Hover.txt Menu Pressed.txt NonPlayer Follow Hover.txt NonPlayer Follow Pressed.txt Paused Hover.txt Paused Pressed.txt Pick Lock Hover.txt Pick Lock Pressed.txt Player Attack Hover.txt Player Attack Pressed.txt Quick Load Hover.txt Quick Load Pressed.txt Quick Save Hover.txt Quick Save Pressed.txt Search Traps Hover.txt Search Traps Pressed.txt Show Quick Status Hover.txt Show Quick Status Pressed.txt Sneak Hover.txt Sneak Pressed.txt Target Hover.txt Target Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/Dialog View Buttons: Combat Dialog Hover.txt Combat Dialog Normal.txt Combat Dialog Pressed.txt Dialog Hover.txt Dialog Normal.txt Dialog Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/MultiplayerButtons: Mchat Hover.txt Mchat Normal.txt Mchat Pressed.txt Mplayer01 Hover.txt Mplayer01 Normal.txt Mplayer01 Pressed.txt Mplayer02 Hover.txt Mplayer02 Normal.txt Mplayer02 Pressed.txt Mplayer03 Hover.txt Mplayer03 Normal.txt Mplayer03 Pressed.txt Mplayer04 Hover.txt Mplayer04 Normal.txt Mplayer04 Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/Text Window: Buttons HUD Text Window Bottom.txt HUD Text Window Top.txt

./Resources/Interface/HUD Pieces/Text Window/Buttons: Attributes Hover.txt Attributes Pressed.txt AutoMap Hover.txt AutoMap Pressed.txt Journal Hover.txt Journal Pressed.txt Perks Hover.txt Perks Pressed.txt Profile Hover.txt Profile Pressed.txt Skills Hover.txt Skills Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/Inventory Window: Buttons Cannot Equip Item Background.txt Close Inventory Button Hover.txt Close Inventory Button Pressed.txt Equiped Item Background.txt Inventory Background.txt Magic Item Background.txt

./Resources/Interface/Inventory Window/Buttons: Show All Hover.txt Show All Pressed.txt Show Armor Hover.txt Show Armor Pressed.txt Show Misc Hover.txt Show Misc Pressed.txt Show Quest Items Hover.txt Show Quest Items Pressed.txt Show Weapons Hover.txt Show Weapons Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/JWindows: File Icon.txt Folder Closed Icon.txt Folder Open Icon.txt

./Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins: Classic JWindows.JWindowSkin Form Edges Ricochet Button Texture.txt Webform Button Texture.txt Webform Window Texture.txt Window Edges Window Hover Texture.txt Window Pressed Texture.txt Window Texture.txt XRPG HUD Skin Theme.JWindowSkin XRPG.JWindowSkin XRPG Primary Skin Theme

./Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/Form Edges: BotCenter.txt BotLeft.txt BotRight.txt LeftCenter.txt RightCenter.txt TopCenter.txt TopLeft.txt TopRight.txt

./Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/Window Edges: OutEdgebttmrtcrnrALPHA.txt OutEdgebttmrtcrnr.txt OutEdgelbttm.txt OutEdgelftcrnrbttmALPHA.txt OutEdgelftcrnrbttm.txt OutEdgelft.txt OutEdgeright.txt OutEdgetop.txt OutEdgeuprLeftcrnr.txt OutEdgeuprritecrnrALPHA.txt OutEdgeuprritecrnrButton.txt OutEdgeuprritecrnr.txt OutEdgeuprrleftcrnrALPHA.txt

./Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/XRPG Primary Skin Theme: Picture Buttons Window Frame Word Buttons XRPG Character Creation Skin.JWindowSkin XRPG Picture Buttons Theme.JWindowSkin XRPG Primary Skin Theme.JWindowSkin

./Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/XRPG Primary Skin Theme/Picture Buttons: PIC Bottom Left Corner.txt PIC Bottom Right Corner.txt PIC HOVER Bottom Left Corner.txt PIC HOVER Bottom Right Corner.txt PIC HOVER Side Bottom.txt PIC HOVER Side Left.txt PIC HOVER Side Right.txt PIC HOVER Side Top.txt PIC HOVER Top Left Corner.txt PIC HOVER Top Right Corner.txt PIC SEL Bottom Left Corner.txt PIC SEL Bottom Right Corner.txt PIC SEL Side Bottom.txt PIC SEL Side Left.txt PIC SEL Side Right.txt PIC SEL Side Top.txt PIC SEL Top Left Corner.txt PIC SEL Top Right Corner.txt PIC Side Bottom.txt PIC Side Left.txt PIC Side Right.txt PIC Side Top.txt PIC Top Left Corner.txt PIC Top Right Corner.txt

./Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/XRPG Primary Skin Theme/Window Frame: ALPHA Corner Bottom Left.txt ALPHA Corner Bottom Right.txt ALPHA Corner Top Left.txt ALPHA Corner Top Right.txt background2.txt background highlight.txt background hover.txt background.txt Button Hover.txt Button Pressed.txt Button.txt Corner Bottom Left.txt Corner Bottom Right.txt Corner Top Left.txt Corner Top Right.txt ScrollBottom.txt ScrollerBottom.txt ScrollerMiddle.txt ScrollerTop.txt ScrollMiddle.txt ScrollTop.txt Side Bottom.txt Side Left.txt Side Right.txt Side Top.txt Title Plate.txt

./Resources/Interface/JWindowSkins/XRPG Primary Skin Theme/Word Buttons: ALPHA Bottom Left Corner.txt ALPHA Bottom Right Corner.txt ALPHA Top Left Corner.txt ALPHA Top Right Corner.txt button background hover.txt button background press.txt button background.txt DECAL Left Normal.txt DECAL Left Pressed.txt DECAL Right Normal.txt DECAL Right Pressed.txt NOR Bottom Left Corner.txt NOR Bottom Right Corner.txt NOR HOVER Side Left.txt NOR HOVER Side Right.txt NOR PRESS Bottom Left Corner.txt NOR PRESS Bottom Right Corner.txt NOR PRESS Side Bottom.txt NOR PRESS Side Left.txt NOR PRESS Side Right.txt NOR PRESS Side Top.txt NOR PRESS Top Left Corner.txt NOR PRESS Top Right Corner.txt NOR Side Bottom.txt NOR Side Left.txt NOR Side Right.txt NOR Side Top.txt NOR Top Left Corner.txt NOR Top Right Corner.txt

./Resources/Interface/Loading Screens: 1 Barcelona.txt 2 Montserrat.txt 3 Montaillou.txt 4 Crypt.txt 5 Nostrodomus.txt 6 Barcelona Attack.txt 7 English Shrine.txt 8 Alamut.txt Final End Screen.txt Loading Default.txt Sewers.txt Slave Pits.txt Wilderness Maps.txt

./Resources/Interface/Merchant Window: Merchant Window Background.txt Merchant Window Close Button Hover.txt Merchant Window Close Button Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/Target Window: Arms Hover.txt Arms Pressed.txt Close Target Button Hover.txt Close Target Button Pressed.txt Head Hover.txt Head Pressed.txt Legs Hover.txt Legs Pressed.txt Target Window Background.txt Target Window Slider Background.txt Torso Hover.txt Torso Pressed.txt

./Resources/Interface/Tool Icons: CStandAloneFrame objects seem to be image parameters for game editor HUD elements

Insert New Entity.txt

./Resources/Interface/World Map: CPointOfInterest objects in this directory seem to be definitions of objects on A WorldMap, plus image parameters for WorldMap background.

Scar Ravine.PointOfInterest.txt World Map Background.txt

./Resources/Interface/World Map/Points Of Interest: CStandAloneFrame objects here seem to be image parameters definitions for points of interest defined in the parent folder.

./Resources/Inventory: !None.AdditionGroup.txt Specific Item Cans !Unknown.AdditionGroup.txt

./Resources/Inventory/Addition Shopping Strategies: Add 1 Addition.AdditionShoppingStrategy.txt Add 2 Addition Split 60 40.AdditionShoppingStrategy.txt

./Resources/Inventory/Creating Random Magic Items: 1 MASTER ALL Items in the game.can All Armor and Shields.can All Armor.can All Arrows and Bolts.can All Miscellaneous Items.can All Potions.can All Shields.can All Weapons.can Implementation Folder DO NOT PICK FROM Magic Bows and Xbows.can

./Resources/Inventory/Creating Random Magic Items/Implementation Folder DO NOT PICK FROM: All Misc Items except Potions.can All Scrolls.can All Wands.can Armor HIGH Mojo.can Armor LOW Mojo.can Armor MEDIUM Mojo.can Weapons One Handed.can Weapons Ranged.can Weapons Two Handed.can

./Resources/Inventory/Enemy Drop Items Cans: Arrows N Bolts Assassin Drop Action.can Conquistador Drop Action.can English 2Soldier Axe Drop Action.can English 2Soldier Bow Drop Action.can

./Resources/Inventory/Generator Combinations:

./Resources/Inventory/Generator Combinations/Armor: Armor Mojo Begin Standard.can ./Resources/Inventory/Generator Combinations/Weapons: ALL WEAPONS Mojo Begin.can ALL WEAPONS Mojo Low Standard.can ALL WEAPONS Mojo Standard.can ALL WEAPONS Special.can

./Resources/Inventory/Grouping Catagories: Ammunition.InventoryGroupingCategory.txt Amulets.InventoryGroupingCategory.txt

./Resources/Inventory/Inventory Addition Groups:

./Resources/Inventory/Inventory Addition Groups/Items: Generic Item Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Specific Item UNIQUE Item Additions.AdditionGroup.txt

./Resources/Inventory/Inventory Addition Groups/Items/Specific Item: Amulet Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Artifact Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Scroll Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Wand Additions.AdditionGroup.txt

./Resources/Inventory/Inventory Addition Groups/Shields and Armor: Armor Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Shield Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Shield LARGE Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Shield MEDIUM Additions.AdditionGroup.txt

./Resources/Inventory/Inventory Addition Groups/Weapons: Arrow Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Arrow and Bolt Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Bolt Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Bow Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Crossbow Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Crossbow and Bow Additions.AdditionGroup.txt Melee Weapon Additions.AdditionGroup.txt

./Resources/Inventory/Inventory Additions: Armor Firebrand.InventoryAddition Gold Miscellaneous Shield Strength Advance.InventoryAddition Weapons

./Resources/Inventory/Inventory Additions/Armor: Acid Resistance.InventoryAddition Armor Class Bonus.InventoryAddition

./Resources/Inventory/Inventory Additions/Gold/Player Gold Drops: 100,000 gold coins.InventoryAddition

./Resources/Inventory/Specific Item Cans: Keys Misc Items Quest Items Unique Magic Items Wolf Pelt base.can

./Resources/Inventory/Specific Item Cans/Keys: Fourniers Key.InventoryItem Hall of Beggars Key.InventoryItem Inquisition Jail Key.InventoryItem Key to Brother Michel's House.InventoryItem Shylocke Key.InventoryItem Stone Key.InventoryItem Temple District Key from Juanita Suarez.InventoryItem

./Resources/Inventory/Specific Item Cans/Misc Items: Ale.InventoryItem Amulet Ancestral Worship.can

./Resources/Inventory/Specific Item Cans/Quest Items: DaVinci Crossbow Gears.InventoryItem Where these items have been placed.xls

./Resources/Inventory Item Rarity: 1 Common.InventoryItemRarity.txt 2 Uncommon.InventoryItemRarity.txt 3 Rare.InventoryItemRarity.txt 4 Very Rare.InventoryItemRarity.txt 5 Unique.InventoryItemRarity.txt

./Resources/Inventory Items: Amulet.InventoryItem ArmorChainMail.InventoryItem ArmorFullPlate.InventoryItem

./Resources/Levels: 1 Barcelona 2 Montserrat 3 Montaillou 4 Crypt 5 Nostrodomus 6 Barcelona Attack 7 English Shrine 8 Alamut Generic Companion Dialog.DialogTree Generic Dischord dialog.DialogTree Generic Drop Gold Dialog.DialogTree Generic Elevator dialog.DialogTree Generic Help in Multiplayer Lobby.DialogTree Generic Knight NO TALK dialog.DialogTree Generic NO TALK dialog.DialogTree Generic NO TALK PLAYER dialog.DialogTree Generic Powder Keg.DialogTree Generic Summoned Knight Dialog.DialogTree Generic Traps dialog.DialogTree Multiplayer Guardian in HELL.DialogTree Multiplayer Guardian in Lobby.DialogTree Sewers Start Game Wilderness

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona: Character Cans Character Templates Dialog Quests

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Character Cans: Dialog Guard Gate District.can

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Character Templates: Dead body Knight Templars and Inquisitor Gate District Generic Gaurd NPC.can La Calle Perdida Port District Port Ship Captain.can Regular Guard.can Temple District

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Character Templates/Dead body Knight Templars and Inquisitor: Dead Knight Templar 1.can Dead Knight Templar 2.can Dead Knight Templar 3.can Dead Knight Templar 4.can Dead Knight Templar 5.can

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Character Templates/Gate District: Barcelona Boy.can Barcelona Female Citizen.can Barcelona Female Tainted 1.can

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Dialog: E3 Guard Dialog.DialogTree Gate District La Calle Perdida Port District Requirements Temple District

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Dialog/Gate District: Acolyte.DialogTree BarcelonaCitizenCan.DialogTree BarcelonaCitizenCan Gate Beg.DialogTree barcelonavendor beg.dialogtree barcelonavendor.dialogtree Barcelona Vendor Sympathetic2.DialogTree Barcelona Vendor Sympathetic.DialogTree

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Dialog/Gate District/Blacksmith VOs: 01 Introduction, Feralkin.ogg 01 Introduction, Non-Tainted Female.ogg

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Dialog/Gate District/Requirements: Barmaid Have Find Ali Huban Quest.can Blacksmith - IN below 4 and NO silver.can Blacksmith - Lionshied seeker has sword WAS offered payment.can Blacksmith requires CH less than 7 and speech over 25 percent.can

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Quests: Calle Perdida Gate District Port District Temple District

./Resources/Levels/1 Barcelona/Quests/Gate District: Bring exotic creature parts back to Weng Choi.Quest.txt Brink back any rare books to Weng Choi.Quest.txt Build DaVinci's Repeating Crossbow.Quest.txt ConspiracyAgainst Spain.Quest.txt

./Resources/Main Menu: CMainMenuDisplayOptions.Object

./Resources/Melee Dual Weild: Either.MeleeDualWield Neither.MeleeDualWield Primary.MeleeDualWield Secondary.MeleeDualWield

./Resources/Melee Skills: OneHanded.MeleeSkill TwoHanded.MeleeSkill Unarmed.MeleeSkill




./Resources/Models3D/Gizmo: Gizmo.MODEL.GR2 Gizmo.MODEL.TXT

./Resources/Models3D/!None: !None.ANIMATION.GR2 !None.ANIMATION.TXT !None.MODEL.GR2 !None.MODEL.TXT



./Resources/Models3D/Player Characters: Female Male


./Resources/Models3D/Player Characters/Female/Armor: FullPlate.MODEL.GR2 fullplate.MODEL.TXT

./Resources/Models3D/Player Characters/Male: Armor AttackBow01.ANIMATION.GR2 AttackBow01.ANIMATION.TXT

./Resources/Models3D/Spirit Models/Ancestral Spirit: Ancestral.MODEL.GR2 Ancestral.MODEL.TXT Idle.ANIMATION.gr2 Idle.ANIMATION.TXT

./Resources/Monster Cans:

  • Canned monsters. Files of type *.can, class CCannedObject.


  • Perks. Files *.Perk of class CCharacterPerk.

./Resources/Perks/!Event Title Perks:

  • Perks bestowed for player's behaviour.

./Resources/Perks/!NPC or Event Given Perks: Brambles Patience.Perk

./Resources/Player Data: AI List To Add To Player.object Canned Actions For Imbued Head Types Companion AI Interaction Specifier.can Companion Patrol AI.can Hue Remappers Pressed Gold Button Action.can

./Resources/Player Data/Canned Actions For Imbued Head Types: Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant1 Female.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant1 Male.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant2 Female.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant2 Male.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant3 Female.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant3 Male.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant4 Female.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant4 Male.can

./Resources/Player Data/Hue Remappers: 01 Dark Blue.HueRemapHolder.txt 02 Light Blue.HueRemapHolder.txt 03 Aqua.HueRemapHolder.txt 04 Light Yellow.HueRemapHolder.txt 04 Yellow.HueRemapHolder.txt 05 Green.HueRemapHolder.txt 05 GreenHunter.HueRemapHolder.txt 06 Light Orange.HueRemapHolder.txt 06 Orange.HueRemapHolder.txt 07 Red.HueRemapHolder.txt 08 Purple.HueRemapHolder.txt 09 Brown.HueRemapHolder.txt 09 Light Brown.HueRemapHolder.txt 10 aWhite.HueRemapHolder.txt 10 Grey.HueRemapHolder.txt 11 Black.HueRemapHolder.txt !None.HueRemapHolder.txt

./Resources/Preexisting Characters: Antonio.Character.txt Azul Tain.Character.txt Cassandra.Character.txt Dena.Character.txt Grall.Character.txt Liliana.Character.txt Ruthgar.Character.txt Safa.Character.txt


  • Definitions of PC?, NPC and mobs races or templates for their creation. *.RACE files of class CRace or CRaceWithPresets.

./Resources/RPG Formulas: Buy Price.can EncumbranceWalkMultiplier.can Fraction Over Carry Weight Maximum.can HP Over Max Decay.can Mana over max decay.can Sell Price.can Skill point bonus to tagged skills.can

./Resources/Rules: AIFloatingTextOptions.object CharacterLevels.Object CriticalHitDamageIncreasePercentExpression.Object CriticalHitExpressionLuck.Object CriticalHitExpressionMelee.Object CriticalHitExpressionRanged.Object Item Level To Monetary Value Conversion Table.Object Skill Spending Levels.Object

./Resources/Skills: Divine.Skill divine.txt Fake Wand Spells Fighting Fight.Skill fight.txt Generic Skill Icons Magic Divine Magic Thought Magic Tribal !None.Skill Thief.Skill thief.txt Thieving Thought.Skill thought.txt Tribal.Skill tribal.txt

./Resources/Skills/Fake Wand Spells: Cure Major Wounds.Skill Cure Small Wounds.Skill Poison Touch.Skill Rigor Mortis.Skill Secret Reveal.Skill

./Resources/Skills/Fighting: Evasion.Skill Evasion.txt OneHandedMelee.Skill OneHandedMelee.txt Ranged.Skill Ranged.txt TwoHandedMelee.Skill TwoHandedMelee.txt Unarmed.Skill Unarmed.txt

./Resources/Skills/Generic Skill Icons: Generic Skill Icon.txt

./Resources/Skills/Magic Divine: Defensive Defensive.Skill Defensive.txt Divine Favor.Skill Divine Favor.txt Fortitude.Skill Fortitude.txt Offensive Smite.Skill Smite.txt

./Resources/Skills/Magic Divine/Defensive: Aid.Skill Aid.txt Divine Assistance.Skill Divine Assistance.txt Divine Strength.Skill Divine Strength.txt Greater Resistance.Skill Greater Resistance.txt Greater Sight.Skill Greater Sight.txt Healing.Skill Healing.txt Holy Fire.Skill Holy Fire.txt Mana Shield.Skill Mana Shield.txt Physical Aura.Skill Physical Aura.txt Resist Fire.Skill Resist Fire.txt Resist Poison.Skill Resist Poison.txt Turn Undead.Skill Turn Undead.txt

./Resources/Skills/Magic Divine/Offensive: Blessed Aim.Skill Blessed Aim.txt Celestial Smite.Skill Celestial Smite.txt Cripple Enemies.Skill Cripple Enemies.txt Divine Might.Skill Divine Might.txt Exorcise.Skill Exorcise.txt Spiritual Knight.Skill Spiritual Knight.txt Weaken Enemies.Skill Weaken Enemies.txt

./Resources/Skills/Magic Thought: Defensive Defensive.Skill Defensive.txt Electrical.Skill Electrical.txt Fire.Skill Fire.txt Ice.Skill Ice.txt Offensive

./Resources/Skills/Magic Thought/Defensive: Cold Ground.Skill cold ground.txt ENEMY Magical Shield.Skill Fire Ground.Skill fire ground.txt Magical Shield.Skill magical shield.txt Mana Shield.Skill mana shield.txt

./Resources/Skills/Magic Thought/Offensive: Electrical Burst.Skill Electrical Burst.txt Fireball.Skill FireBall.txt Fire Circle.Skill Fire Circle.txt Fire Orb.Skill Fire Orb.txt Flame Thrower.Skill Flame Thrower.txt Ice Javelin.Skill Ice Javelin.txt Ice Missile.Skill Ice Missile.txt Ice Ring.Skill Ice Ring.txt Ice Storm.Skill Ice Storm.txt Lightning Bolt.Skill Lightning Bolt.txt Lightning Chain.Skill Lightning Chain.txt Lightning Storm.Skill Lightning Storm.txt Poison Ring.Skill Poison Ring.txt Spike.Skill Spike.txt Static Charge.Skill Static Charge.txt

./Resources/Skills/Magic Tribal: Defensive Defensive.Skill Defensive.txt Domination.Skill Domination.txt Offensive Summoning.Skill Summoning.txt Wounding.Skill Wounding.txt

./Resources/Skills/Magic Tribal/Defensive: Animal Grace.Skill Animal Grace.txt Armor of Bones.Skill Armor of Bones.txt Backlash.Skill Backlash.txt Mana Shield.Skill Mana Shield.txt Shamans Eye.Skill Shamans Eye.txt Shroud Darkness.Skill Shroud Darkness.txt Undead Energy.Skill Undead Energy.txt

./Resources/Skills/Magic Tribal/Offensive: Absorb Spirit.Skill Absorb Spirit.txt Amplify Damage.Skill Amplify Damage.txt Charm.Skill Charm.txt Corpse Bomb.Skill Corpse Bomb.txt Fear.Skill Fear.txt Insect Plague.Skill Insect Plague.txt Monster Summoning.Skill Monster Summoning.txt Raise Enemy.Skill Raise Enemy.txt Raise Undead.Skill Raise Undead.txt SleepHUD.txt Sleep.Skill Sleep.txt Slow.Skill Slow.txt Vampire.Skill Vampire.txt

./Resources/Skills/Thieving: Barter.Skill Barter.txt Diplomacy.Skill Diplomacy.txt Find Traps Secret Doors.Skill Find Traps Secret Doors.txt Lockpick Disarm Traps.Skill Lockpick Disarm Traps.txt Sneak.Skill Sneak.txt Speech.Skill Speech.txt

./Resources/Spell Projectiles: Absorb Spirit.InventoryItem Amplify Damage Instant hit.InventoryItem Catapult Projectile.InventoryItem Celestial Smite Projectile.InventoryItem Corpse Bomb Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Divine Swarm Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Dominate Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Exorcise Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Fire Ball Projectile.InventoryItem Fire Circle Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Fire Orb Projectile.InventoryItem Flame Thrower Projectile.InventoryItem Ice Circle Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Ice Circle Projectile.InventoryItem Ice Javelin Projectile.InventoryItem Ice Missle Projectile.InventoryItem Ice Storm Instant Hit.InventoryItem Insect Plague Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Lighting Bolt Instant Projectile.InventoryItem Lightning Storm Instant Hit.InventoryItem Monster Summoning Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Poison Spike Projectile.InventoryItem Raise Enemy Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Raise Undead Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem Shamans Eye Instant Hit.InventoryItem Spike Projectile.InventoryItem Spiritual Knight Instant Projectile.InventoryItem Static Charge Projectile.InventoryItem Turn Undead Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem

./Resources/Spirits: Ancestral.Spirit.txt Beastial.Spirit.txt Demonic.Spirit.txt

./Resources/Target Body Parts: Arms.Target.txt Head.Target.txt Legs.Target.txt Torso.Target.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons: Critical Hit Types Damage Types Over Time Divine Spell Effects Drunk.txt Encumbered.txt Perks Potion & Scroll Effects Resurection Effects.txt Specific Resistances Thought Spell Effects Tribal Spell Effects Zombie Slow.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/Critical Hit Types: Blinded.txt Crippled Arm.txt Crippled Leg.txt Knocked Out.txt Stunned.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/Damage Types Over Time: disease over time.txt poison over time.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/Divine Spell Effects: Aid.txt Blessed Aim.txt Cripple Enemies.txt Divine Assistance.txt Divine Mana Shield.txt Divine Might.txt Divine Power.txt Greater Resistance.txt Greater Sight.txt Holy Fire.txt Physical Aura.txt Purify Body.txt Resist Elements.txt Righteous Fury.txt Weaken Enemies.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/Perks: Adrenaline Rush.txt Die Hard.txt Displacement.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/Potion & Scroll Effects: Arrow Deflection.txt Defense.txt Secret Reveal.txt Speed.txt Stealth.txt Strength.txt Vampirism.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/Specific Resistances: Resist Acid.txt Resist Cold.txt Resist Disease.txt Resist Electrical.txt Resist Fire.txt Resist Poison.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/Thought Spell Effects: Halo Fire.txt Halo Frost.txt Ice Spell Effects.txt magical shield.txt thought mana shield.txt

./Resources/Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/Tribal Spell Effects: Animal Grace.txt Armor of Bones.txt Backlash.txt Shroud Darkness.txt Slow.txt Tribal Mana Shield.txt Vampire.txt

./Resources/Traits: Ascetic.Trait Fast Metabolism.Trait Finesse.Trait Gifted.Trait Good Natured.Trait Heavy Handed.Trait Nasty Disposition.Trait One Hander.Trait Racial Renaissance Man.Trait Skilled.Trait Small Frame.Trait Studious Tinkerer.Trait Thick-Skinned.Trait Words as Arrows.Trait

./Resources/Traits/Racial: Demokin Feralkin Sylvant

./Resources/Traits/Racial/Demokin: Acid Blood.Trait Bloody Talons.Trait Demonic Frenzy.Trait Diabolism.Trait Forked Tongue.Trait Infernal Quickness.Trait Lucky Devil.Trait Scaly Hide.Trait Shroud of Darkness.Trait Vampiric Fury.Trait

./Resources/Traits/Racial/Feralkin: Beast of Burden.Trait Chameleon.Trait Eagle Eye.Trait Elephant Hide.Trait Monkey Brains.Trait Rabid Fervor.Trait Regeneration.Trait Serpent's Tongue.Trait Tusks.Trait Wolf Hide.Trait

./Resources/Traits/Racial/Sylvant: Bond of Nature.Trait Dark Gift.Trait Earth Ancestry.Trait Fiery Ancestry.Trait Frost Ancestry.Trait Gossamer Skin.Trait Polyelemental.Trait Skin of Thorns.Trait Storm of Arrows.Trait Wind Ancestry.Trait


  • Sound effects. OGG or sometimes WAV files.


  • Ambient sounds

./Sounds/Ambient/Environmental Hits:

  • Ambient sounds


  • Sounds of various doors


  • soundsets for various kinds of enemies. Usually named <ENEMYTYPE>/<ENEMY>_<ACTION>.ogg.


  • Sounds of falling corpses


  • Sounds of footsteps on various surfaces


  • Sounds played when picking up or dropping various objects


  • Various player's pain sounds etc.

./Sounds/PLAYER/Weapon Swings:

  • Weapon sounds


  • Potion drinking sounds


  • Thief skills sounds


  • Spell sounds, sorted by spell class


  • Spirits


  • Switches


  • Traps springing to action

./Sounds/Traps/Organ Notes:

  • Pipe? organ notes


  • mostly UI sounds


  • Weapon sounds

./Surface Types: Dirt.STY Generic.STY Grass.STY Hollow Metal.STY Metal.STY !None.STY Snow.STY Stone.STY Wood.STY


  • ground textures, organized by environment. TXT files, class CGroundTextureFrame, defines e.g. damage taken there

./Water Warp Effects: !None.txt

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