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Line 80: Line 80:
 Church Crypt Interior.frm16 Church Crypt Interior.frm16
 Church Interior.frm16 Church Interior.frm16
-Davinci Secret Chamber.frm16 
-DaVinci Workshop interior.frm16 
-Dream Djinni Map.frm16 
-Gate District.frm16 
-Gate House Near Thieves.frm16 
-Gate House Upper Right.frm16 
-Herbalist map.frm16 
-House of Ilk map.frm16 
-Inquisition Chambers2.frm16 
-Inquisition Forest Exterior.frm16 
-Inquisition Foyer1.frm16 
-Inquisition Pit3.frm16 
-Knights Templar.frm16 
-Merchant Home PortDistrict.frm16 
-Port Beggar Home1.frm16 
-Port District.frm16 
-Port House Near Merchant.frm16 
-Port House Near Sewer.frm16 
-Port House Near Warehouse.frm16 
-Shakespeares Home.frm16 
-Shylocke Shop.frm16 
-Slave Pits.frm16 
-Solarium Interior.frm16 
-Tavern Port District.frm16 
-Temple District.frm16 
-Temple Home near Ilk.frm16 
-Temple Small Center Home.frm16 
-Thieves Den map.frm16 
-Town Exterior map.frm16 
-Warehouse Port District.frm16 
-Weng Choi Shop.frm16 
Line 212: Line 180:
 Burn Tree 01 B.mdl16 Burn Tree 01 B.mdl16
 Burn Tree 01.mdl16 Burn Tree 01.mdl16
-Burn Tree 02 B.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 02 C.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 02.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 03 B.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 03 C.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 03.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 04.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 05 A.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 05 C.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 05.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 06 A.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 06 C.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 06.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 07 A.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 07 C.mdl16 
-Burn Tree 07.mdl16 
-Burn Tree10 A.mdl16 
-Burn Tree10 B.mdl16 
-Burn Tree10 C.mdl16 
-Burn Tree11 A.mdl16 
-Burn Tree11 B.mdl16 
-Burn Tree11 C.mdl16 
-Burn Tree9 A.mdl16 
-Burn Tree9 B.mdl16 
-Burn Tree9 C.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Items:​ ./​Cache/​Models/​Items:​
Line 246: Line 189:
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images: ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images:
-Misc Items 
-Quest Items 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/​Armor:​ 
-Armor Chain.mdl16 
-Armor FULL Plate.mdl16 
-Armor Hard Leather.mdl16 
-Armor Hauberk.mdl16 
-Armor Leather.mdl16 
-Armor Plate.mdl16 
-Bracers Archery.mdl16 
-Bracers Blessed Archery.mdl16 
-Bracers Defense.mdl16 
-Bracers Stealthy Cunning.mdl16 
-Gauntlets Hero Strength.mdl16 
-Gauntlets Spike.mdl16 
-Gauntlets Vast Power.mdl16 
-Helmet1 Mod.mdl16 
-Helmet2 Mod.mdl16 
-Helmet3 Mod.mdl16 
-Shield Buckler Best.mdl16 
-Shield Buckler.mdl16 
-Shield Holy.mdl16 
-Shield Large Best.mdl16 
-Shield Large Better.mdl16 
-Shield Large.mdl16 
-Shield Medium Best.mdl16 
-Shield Medium Better.mdl16 
-Shield Medium.mdl16 
-Shield Small Best.mdl16 
-Shield Small Better.mdl16 
-Shield Small.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/Misc Items: 
-Bear Skin.mdl16 
-Bear Skin Perk Valuable.mdl16 
-Book Geomancy.mdl16 
-Book History Crusades.mdl16 
-Book History Dragons.mdl16 
-Book History FellSpirits.mdl16 
-Book History Inquisition.mdl16 
-Book History Necromancers.mdl16 
-Book Nostrodomus.mdl16 
-Book of Death.mdl16 
-Book Plain.mdl16 
-Book Poetry Khan.mdl16 
-Book Shakespeares Works.mdl16 
-Book Shylocke Art Barter.mdl16 
-Boots Arid Jinn.mdl16 
-Boots Better.mdl16 
-Boots Marco Polo.mdl16 
-Cloak DecoratedGreen.mdl16 
-Cloak Decorated.mdl16 
-Cloak Special.mdl16 
-Gem Diamond.mdl16 
-Gem Emerald.mdl16 
-Gem Onyx.mdl16 
-Gem Ruby.mdl16 
-Goblin Pie.mdl16 
-Images for RED file 
-Key Brass.mdl16 
-Key Giant.mdl16 
-Key Skeleton.mdl16 
-Key Skull.mdl16 
-Key Tregethia.mdl16 
-Key Ward.mdl16 
-Potion Antidote.mdl16 
-Potion Arrow Deflect.mdl16 
-Potion CureAll.mdl16 
-Potion Defense.mdl16 
-Potion Extra Healing.mdl16 
-Potion FireProtection.mdl16 
-Potion Healing.mdl16 
-Potion Luck.mdl16 
-Potion ManaRecharge.mdl16 
-Potion Mass Healing.mdl16 
-Potion SecretReveal.mdl16 
-Potion Speed.mdl16 
-Potion Stealth.mdl16 
-Potion Strength.mdl16 
-Potion Unknown.mdl16 
-Potion Vampirism.mdl16 
-Powder Keg Mini.mdl16 
-RingGold Green.mdl16 
-RingGold Red.mdl16 
-RingGold White.mdl16 
-RingJeweled2 Red.mdl16 
-Ring Richard.mdl16 
-RingSigil 2.mdl16 
-River Dryad Pearl.mdl16 
-Serpents Bile.mdl16 
-Wasp Stinger.mdl16 
-Wolf Pelt.mdl16 
-Wolf Pelt Perk Valuable.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/Misc Items/​Images for RED file: 
-Amulet Dour Tidings.mdl16 
-Gauntlets Hellfire.mdl16 
-Sword Undead Ice.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/​Quest Items: ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/​Quest Items:
 Alamut Talisman.mdl16 Alamut Talisman.mdl16
 Bleeding Lance.mdl16 Bleeding Lance.mdl16
-Cortez Gears.mdl16 
-Cortez Mech Arm.mdl16 
-Cortez Mech Rod.mdl16 
-DaVinci Crossbow.mdl16 
-DaVinci Gear.mdl16 
-DaVinci Scope.mdl16 
-Deed Silver Mine.mdl16 
-Eduardo Sword.mdl16 
-Esteban Knife.mdl16 
-Genie Lamp Crypt.mdl16 
-Hair of Saint.mdl16 
-Hair of Wererat.mdl16 
-Khans Sword.mdl16 
-Lava Troll Hide.mdl16 
-Letter to Jafar.mdl16 
-Lion Shield.mdl16 
-Potion Lycanthropy.mdl16 
-Potion Wolf.mdl16 
-Rare Herb.mdl16 
-Red Iron Ore.mdl16 
-Rod of Bone.mdl16 
-Sacred Scimitar.mdl16 
-Shakespeares Muse.mdl16 
-Shard of Dreams.mdl16 
-Silver Ore.mdl16 
-Spirit Gem.mdl16 
-Switch Rod La Calle.mdl16 
-Tank Gear.mdl16 
-Thief Armband.mdl16 
-Thief Locket.mdl16 
-Titan Crystal.mdl16 
-Titan Mercury.mdl16 
-Titan Sphere.mdl16 
-Trapped Spirit Amulet.mdl16 
-Trapped Spirit Ring.mdl16 
-Voydyanoi Skull.mdl16 
-Wielder Charm.mdl16 
-Woodsmans Eyes.mdl16 
-Woodsmans Liver.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/​Weapons:​ 
-Arrows and Bolts Special 
-Bow Electricity.mdl16 
-Bow Frost.mdl16 
-Bow Scorch.mdl16 
-Ebony Blade.mdl16 
-Fiery Blade.mdl16 
-Gobstobber Axe.mdl16 
-Ivory Mace.mdl16 
-Sword Silent Death.mdl16 
-Sword Undead Bane.mdl16 
-Warhammer of Pain.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/​Weapons/​Arrows and Bolts Special: ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Inventory Images/​Weapons/​Arrows and Bolts Special:
 Arrow_Acid.mdl16 Arrow_Acid.mdl16
 Arrow_Cold.mdl16 Arrow_Cold.mdl16
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​PickUps:​ ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​PickUps:​
Line 528: Line 202:
 Bow_Pickup.mdl16 Bow_Pickup.mdl16
 Gold HUGE Pile_PU.mdl16 Gold HUGE Pile_PU.mdl16
-Gold Large Pile_PU.mdl16 
-Gold Small Pile_PU.mdl16 
-Gold XtraSmall Pile_PU.mdl16 
-Misc Items 
-PU Chainmail.mdl16 
-Special Items 
-Spirit Energy 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​PickUps/​Misc Items: 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​PickUps/​Misc Items/​Wands:​ 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​PickUps/​Special Items: ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​PickUps/​Special Items:
 Alamut Talisman_PU.mdl16 Alamut Talisman_PU.mdl16
 ArmGear_PU.mdl16 ArmGear_PU.mdl16
-Bear Skin_PU.mdl16 
-Genie Lamp in Crypt_PU.mdl16 
-Goblin Pie_PU.mdl16 
-Serpents Bile_PU.mdl16 
-Titan Mercury_PU.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​PickUps/​Spirit Energy: 
-Health Ground Light.mdl16 
-PU Health Charge 1.mdl16 
-PU Spirit Mana Charge 1.mdl16 
-PU Spirit Mana Charge 2.mdl16 
-PU Spirit Mana Charge 3.mdl16 
-Spirit Ground Light A.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Projectiles:​ ./​Cache/​Models/​Items/​Projectiles:​
Line 691: Line 211:
 Arrow Level 1.mdl16 Arrow Level 1.mdl16
 Arrow Level 2.mdl16 Arrow Level 2.mdl16
-Arrow Level 3.mdl16 
-Bolt Level 1.mdl16 
-Bolt Level 2.mdl16 
-Bolt Level 3.mdl16 
-Catapult Shot A.mdl16 
-Meat Chunk2.mdl16 
-Meat Chunk Hit2.mdl16 
-Meat Chunk Hit.mdl16 
-Meat Chunk.mdl16 
-Rock1 hit.mdl16 
-Rock2 hit.mdl16 
-V Monster Shot2.mdl16 
-V Monster Shot.mdl16 
-Zombie Meat Chunk2.mdl16 
-Zombie Meat Chunk Hit2.mdl16 
-Zombie Meat Chunk Hit.mdl16 
-Zombie Meat Chunk.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Particles:​ ./​Cache/​Models/​Particles:​
Line 731: Line 230:
 Acid Steam 01.mdl16 Acid Steam 01.mdl16
 Acid Steam 02.mdl16 Acid Steam 02.mdl16
-Big Fire.mdl16 
-Blue Torch Fire.mdl16 
-Catapult Explode A.mdl16 
-Festering Explosion.mdl16 
-fire 1.mdl16 
-Music Notes.mdl16 
-Poisonous Cloud.mdl16 
-Red Torch Fire.mdl16 
-Secret Icon.mdl16 
-smoke 3.mdl16 
-Spirit Calls 
-Teleport Generic.mdl16 
-TeleportL Big.mdl16 
-TeleportR Big.mdl16 
-Torch Fire.mdl16 
-Troll Stomp.mdl16 
-Zombie Getup.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Special Effects/​Spirit Calls: ./​Cache/​Models/​Special Effects/​Spirit Calls:
Line 768: Line 241:
 Ancestral.mdl16 Ancestral.mdl16
 Ancestral Right.mdl16 Ancestral Right.mdl16
-Beast Back.mdl16 
-Beast Left.mdl16 
-Beast Right.mdl16 
-Demonic Back.mdl16 
-Demonic Left.mdl16 
-Demonic Right.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Special Effects/​Waves:​ ./​Cache/​Models/​Special Effects/​Waves:​
Line 814: Line 279:
 Corpse Effects Corpse Effects
 Divine Radial Cast Effect.mdl16 Divine Radial Cast Effect.mdl16
-Electrical Attacks 
-Fire Attacks 
-Ice Attacks 
-STAT-Ability Increase 
-Target Affected 
-Thought Radial Cast Effect.mdl16 
-Tribal ​ Radial Cast Effect.mdl16 
-Turn Undead.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​Corpse Effects: 
-Absorb Spirit.mdl16 
-Corpse Bomb.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​Electrical Attacks: 
-Electrical Burst Lrg.mdl16 
-Electrical Burst Med.mdl16 
-Electrical Burst Smll.mdl16 
-Lightning Bolt2.mdl16 
-Lightning Bolt3.mdl16 
-Lightning Bolt.mdl16 
-Lightning Storm.mdl16 
-Static Charge Hit.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​Fire Attacks: 
-Fireball Med Lrg Hit.mdl16 
-Fireball Small Hit.mdl16 
-Fire Circle.mdl16 
-Fire Circle Medium.mdl16 
-Fire Circle Small.mdl16 
-Fire Ground 02.mdl16 
-Fire Ground 03.mdl16 
-Fire Ground.mdl16 
-Fire Orb Big Hit.mdl16 
-Fire Orb Hit.mdl16 
-Flame Thrower 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​Fire Attacks/​Flame Thrower: 
-Fire puff 02.mdl16 
-Fire puff 03.mdl16 
-Fire puff.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​Heal:​ 
-Devine Assistance.mdl16 
-Extra Heal Potions.mdl16 
-Potion of Cure All.mdl16 
-Potion of Healing.mdl16 
-Potion of Mana Recharge.mdl16 
-Potion of Mass Healing.mdl16 
-Potion of Super Mana Recharge.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/Ice Attacks: 
-Cold Ground.mdl16 
-Ice Ring Large.mdl16 
-Ice Ring.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​Shield:​ 
-Armor of Bones.mdl16 
-Cold Bite.mdl16 
-Cold Ground 02.mdl16 
-Cold Ground.mdl16 
-Fire Ground Thought.mdl16 
-Holy Fire Divine 2.mdl16 
-Holy Fire Divine.mdl16 
-Magical Aura.mdl16 
-Magical Shield Thought.mdl16 
-Mana Shield Divine.mdl16 
-Mana Shield Thought.mdl16 
-Mana Shield Tribal.mdl16 
-Physical Shield.mdl16 
-Shield Magic Electrical Absorb.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​STAT-Ability Increase: 
-Animal Grace.mdl16 
-Antidote Potion.mdl16 
-Blessed Aim.mdl16 
-Divine Might.mdl16 
-Greater Resistance.mdl16 
-Greater Sight.mdl16 
-Mana Recharge.mdl16 
-Potion of Arrow Deflection.mdl16 
-Potion of Defense.mdl16 
-Potion of speed.mdl16 
-Potion of Stealth.mdl16 
-Potion of Strength.mdl16 
-Resist Fire.mdl16 
-Resist Poison.mdl16 
-Scroll of Acid Protection.mdl16 
-Scroll of Cold Protection.mdl16 
-Shroud of Darkness.mdl16 
-Undead Energy.mdl16 
-Undead Resistance.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​Summoning:​ 
-Insect Plague.mdl16 
-Monster Summoning.mdl16 
-Raise Enemy.mdl16 
-Raise Undead.mdl16 
-Spiritual Knight.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Hits and Effects/​Target Affected: 
-Amplify Damage.mdl16 
-Celestial Smite.mdl16 
-Cripple Enemies.mdl16 
-Divine Strength.mdl16 
-Wand of Poison Touch.mdl16 
-Weaken Enemies Divine.mdl16 
-Weapon Magic Acid Splash.mdl16 
-Weapon Magic of Cold Storage.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Shots:​ 
-Arrow hit 01.mdl16 
-Arrow hit 02.mdl16 
-Arrow hit 03.mdl16 
-Celestial Smite.mdl16 
-Divine Shot.mdl16 
-Electrical Attacks 
-Fire Attacks 
-Ice Javelin Hit A.mdl16 
-Ice Javelin.mdl16 
-Ice Missle.mdl16 
-Ice Missle Particle.mdl16 
-Ice Ring.mdl16 
-Ice Storm 01 A.mdl16 
-Ice Storm 02 A.mdl16 
-Ice Storm spawn.mdl16 
-Mystic Eyeball A.mdl16 
-Poison Spike Hit.mdl16 
-Poison Spike.mdl16 
-Spike Hit.mdl16 
-Thought Shot.mdl16 
-Tribal Shot.mdl16 
-./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Shots/​Electrical Attacks: 
-Lightning Storm.mdl16 
-Static Charge.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Shots/​Fire Attacks: ./​Cache/​Models/​Spell Effects/​Shots/​Fire Attacks:
 Chaos Dragon SHOT.mdl16 Chaos Dragon SHOT.mdl16
 Fireball large.mdl16 Fireball large.mdl16
-Fireball Medium.mdl16 
-Fireball Med.mdl16 
-Fire Orb Large.mdl16 
-Fire Orb.mdl16 
-Fire Orb Medium.mdl16 
-FlameThrower 01.mdl16 
-FlameThrower 02.mdl16 
-FlameThrower SHOT.mdl16 
-Sand Dragon SHOT.mdl16 
-Small Fireball.mdl16 
 ./​Cache/​Models/​UI:​ ./​Cache/​Models/​UI:​
Line 1017: Line 322:
 ./​Cache/​Resources/​Fonts:​ ./​Cache/​Resources/​Fonts:​
-Character Dialog.frm16 
-Courier Green.frm16 
-Courier Red.frm16 
-Dialog Window Font.frm16 
-Dialog Window Font NPC.frm16 
-Dialog Window Font PLAYER.frm16 
-Gold Editor.frm16 
 Loading Font.frm16 Loading Font.frm16
 Main Menu Font.frm16 Main Menu Font.frm16
 Main Menu Font HOVER.frm16 Main Menu Font HOVER.frm16
 Main Menu Font Shadow.frm16 Main Menu Font Shadow.frm16
-Med Gold.frm16 
-Small Blue.frm16 
-Small Dialog.frm16 
-Small Gold.frm16 
-Small Green.frm16 
-Small Red.frm16 
 ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface:​ ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface:​
-Automap Window 
-Character Creation Screens 
-Character Window 
-Credits Art 
-Help Window 
-HUD Pieces 
-Inventory Window 
-Loading Screens 
-Merchant Window 
-Mouse Cursors 
 Mute.frm16 Mute.frm16
 Noninteractive Sequence Playing.seq16 Noninteractive Sequence Playing.seq16
-Target Window 
-Tool Icons 
-World Map 
 ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Automap Window: ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Automap Window:
Line 1192: Line 465:
 OutEdgebttmrtcrnr.frm16 OutEdgebttmrtcrnr.frm16
 OutEdgelbttm.frm16 OutEdgelbttm.frm16
 ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme: ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme:
Line 1232: Line 495:
 Close Target Button Hover.frm16 Close Target Button Hover.frm16
 Close Target Button Pressed.frm16 Close Target Button Pressed.frm16
-Head Hover.frm16 
-Head Pressed.frm16 
-Legs Hover.frm16 
-Legs Pressed.frm16 
-Target Window Background.frm16 
-Target Window Slider Background.frm16 
-Torso Hover.frm16 
-Torso Pressed.frm16 
 ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Tool Icons: ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​Tool Icons:
Line 1248: Line 503:
 Dropper.frm16 Dropper.frm16
 Edit Polygon.frm16 Edit Polygon.frm16
-Hide Selection.frm16 
-Image Browser.frm16 
-Insert Gravity Obstacle.frm16 
-Insert New Entity.frm16 
-Insert New Polygon.frm16 
-Insert New Render Polygon.frm16 
-Insert New Way Points Polygon.frm16 
-Item Counter.frm16 
-Layer Locator.frm16 
-Memory Usage Report.frm16 
-Paste Path.frm16 
-Pull Ground.frm16 
-Select All Touching.frm16 
-Select Next Touching.frm16 
-Select Same Name.frm16 
-Show All.frm16 
-Show Clipboard.frm16 
-Show Grid.frm16 
-Show MiniMap.frm16 
-Show Polygons.frm16 
-Show Scrap Book.frm16 
-Show Volumes.frm16 
-Snap To.frm16 
-Spray Can.frm16 
-Under Construction.frm16 
-Y Sort.frm16 
 ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​World Map: ./​Cache/​Resources/​Interface/​World Map:
Line 1333: Line 552:
 ./​Categories:​ ./​Categories:​
 Animal.txt Animal.txt
-Enemy Shot.txt 
 NonInteractiveSequence Actor.txt NonInteractiveSequence Actor.txt
 Player Friend.txt Player Friend.txt
-Player Shot.txt 
-Scripted Custom 1.txt 
-Scripted Custom 2.txt 
-Spell Immunity.txt 
-Summoned Creature.txt 
-Top Hide.TXT 
 Undead.txt Undead.txt
Line 1435: Line 642:
 Disarm Trap.can Disarm Trap.can
 Disarm Trap on Chest.can Disarm Trap on Chest.can
-Environmental SFX 
-Event Notification Actions 
-First HEALTH Pickup Spirit Call.can 
-First Mana Pickup Spirit Call.can 
-Found Hidden Treasure.can 
-Found Illusionary Wall.can 
-Found Secret Door.can 
-Found Trap.can 
-Genderate Dead Body.can 
-Generate Magic Item Level Cans 
-Mana Drain from Inquisition Crosses.can 
-Medium Disease Damage.can 
-Medium Disease Duration.can 
-Medium Poison Damage.can 
-Medium Poison Duration.can 
-Raise Enemy Action.can 
-RED FILE Presell Pack Installed.can 
-Resurrect player.can 
-Set Carcass for Corpse Bomb.can 
-Set Dead Entity to Interact.can 
-Setup player corps.can 
-Spirit 1 Generate Action.can 
-Spirit 2 Generate Action.can 
-Spirit 3 Generate Action.can 
-Spirit 4 Generate Action.can 
-Spirit 5 Generate Action.can 
-Strong Disease Damage.can 
-Strong Disease Duration.can 
-Strong Poison Damage.can 
-Strong Poison Duration.can 
-Taken Hidden Treasure.can 
-Triggered Idol Trap in Alamut.can 
-Triggered Trap.can 
-Undead Spells.can 
-Weak Disease Damage.can 
-Weak Disease Duration.can 
-Weak Poison Damage.can 
-Weak Poison Duration.can 
 ./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​Environmental SFX: ./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​Environmental SFX:
Line 1480: Line 648:
 Cave AI NO Monsters.can Cave AI NO Monsters.can
 Cave AI WITH Monsters.can Cave AI WITH Monsters.can
-Church Interior SFX AI.can 
-Crypt ALL SFX AI.can 
-Inquisition Screams SFX AI.can 
-Montaillou AI.can 
-Sewers ALL SFX AI.can 
-Sewers JUST WATER AI.can 
-Tavern Barcelona AI.can 
 ./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​Event Notification Actions: ./​Resources/​Common Objects and Scripts/​Event Notification Actions:
 Ammo Not Selected.can Ammo Not Selected.can
 Cannot Cast Spell Don't Know Why.can Cannot Cast Spell Don't Know Why.can
-Cannot Equip Inventory Item.can 
-Companion Joined.can 
-Health at absolute maximum message.can 
-Instant Hit Can Not See Target.can 
-Inventory Item Recived.can 
-Launcher Can Not See Target.can 
-Mana at absolute maximum message.can 
-Must Have Target To Cast Spell.can 
-New Perks Available.can 
-New Skill Points Available.can 
-No longer Encumbered.can 
-No Spell Selected.can 
-Not Enough Ammo.can 
-Not Enough Mana.can 
-Party Not Ready To Make Map Transition.can 
-Quest Log Updated.can 
-Skill Is Disabled.can 
-Skill Value Zero.can 
-Spell Cast Location Too Far Away.can 
-Start Companion Follow.can 
-Start Sneaking.can 
-Stop Companion Follow.can 
-Stop Sneaking.can 
 Too Soon To Recast Spell.can Too Soon To Recast Spell.can
 You must gather your party.can You must gather your party.can
Line 1647: Line 783:
 ./​Resources/​Interface:​ ./​Resources/​Interface:​
 AutoMap Options.Object AutoMap Options.Object
-Automap Window 
-Character Creation Screens 
-Character Creator UI Options.object 
-Character Window 
 CompanyLogo.txt CompanyLogo.txt
-Credits Art 
 Help.FOO Help.FOO
-Help Window 
-HUD Pieces 
-Inventory Window 
-Loading Screens 
-Merchant Window 
 Player List Display Options.Object Player List Display Options.Object
-Target Window 
-Tool Icons 
-World Map 
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​Automap Window: ./​Resources/​Interface/​Automap Window:
Line 1772: Line 892:
 Blank Hover.txt Blank Hover.txt
 Blank Pressed.txt Blank Pressed.txt
-Center on Character Hover.txt 
-Center on Character Pressed.txt 
 Inventory Hover.txt Inventory Hover.txt
 Inventory Pressed.txt Inventory Pressed.txt
 Menu Hover.txt Menu Hover.txt
 Menu Pressed.txt Menu Pressed.txt
-NonPlayer Follow Hover.txt 
-NonPlayer Follow Pressed.txt 
-Paused Hover.txt 
-Paused Pressed.txt 
-Pick Lock Hover.txt 
-Pick Lock Pressed.txt 
-Player Attack Hover.txt 
-Player Attack Pressed.txt 
-Quick Load Hover.txt 
-Quick Load Pressed.txt 
-Quick Save Hover.txt 
-Quick Save Pressed.txt 
-Search Traps Hover.txt 
-Search Traps Pressed.txt 
-Show Quick Status Hover.txt 
-Show Quick Status Pressed.txt 
-Sneak Hover.txt 
-Sneak Pressed.txt 
-Target Hover.txt 
-Target Pressed.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/​Dialog View Buttons: ./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/​Dialog View Buttons:
Line 1813: Line 911:
 Mplayer01 Hover.txt Mplayer01 Hover.txt
 Mplayer01 Normal.txt Mplayer01 Normal.txt
-Mplayer01 Pressed.txt 
-Mplayer02 Hover.txt 
-Mplayer02 Normal.txt 
-Mplayer02 Pressed.txt 
-Mplayer03 Hover.txt 
-Mplayer03 Normal.txt 
-Mplayer03 Pressed.txt 
-Mplayer04 Hover.txt 
-Mplayer04 Normal.txt 
-Mplayer04 Pressed.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/Text Window: ./​Resources/​Interface/​HUD Pieces/Text Window:
Line 1886: Line 974:
 BotCenter.txt BotCenter.txt
 BotLeft.txt BotLeft.txt
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​Window Edges: ./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​Window Edges:
 OutEdgebttmrtcrnrALPHA.txt OutEdgebttmrtcrnrALPHA.txt
 OutEdgebttmrtcrnr.txt OutEdgebttmrtcrnr.txt
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme: ./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme:
Line 1921: Line 992:
 PIC HOVER Bottom Left Corner.txt PIC HOVER Bottom Left Corner.txt
 PIC HOVER Bottom Right Corner.txt PIC HOVER Bottom Right Corner.txt
-PIC HOVER Side Bottom.txt 
-PIC HOVER Side Left.txt 
-PIC HOVER Side Right.txt 
-PIC HOVER Side Top.txt 
-PIC HOVER Top Left Corner.txt 
-PIC HOVER Top Right Corner.txt 
-PIC SEL Bottom Left Corner.txt 
-PIC SEL Bottom Right Corner.txt 
-PIC SEL Side Bottom.txt 
-PIC SEL Side Left.txt 
-PIC SEL Side Right.txt 
-PIC SEL Side Top.txt 
-PIC SEL Top Left Corner.txt 
-PIC SEL Top Right Corner.txt 
-PIC Side Bottom.txt 
-PIC Side Left.txt 
-PIC Side Right.txt 
-PIC Side Top.txt 
-PIC Top Left Corner.txt 
-PIC Top Right Corner.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme/​Window Frame: ./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme/​Window Frame:
Line 1947: Line 998:
 ALPHA Corner Top Left.txt ALPHA Corner Top Left.txt
 ALPHA Corner Top Right.txt ALPHA Corner Top Right.txt
-background highlight.txt 
-background hover.txt 
-Button Hover.txt 
-Button Pressed.txt 
-Corner Bottom Left.txt 
-Corner Bottom Right.txt 
-Corner Top Left.txt 
-Corner Top Right.txt 
-Side Bottom.txt 
-Side Left.txt 
-Side Right.txt 
-Side Top.txt 
-Title Plate.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme/Word Buttons: ./​Resources/​Interface/​JWindowSkins/​XRPG Primary Skin Theme/Word Buttons:
Line 1975: Line 1004:
 ALPHA Top Left Corner.txt ALPHA Top Left Corner.txt
 ALPHA Top Right Corner.txt ALPHA Top Right Corner.txt
-button background hover.txt 
-button background press.txt 
-button background.txt 
-DECAL Left Normal.txt 
-DECAL Left Pressed.txt 
-DECAL Right Normal.txt 
-DECAL Right Pressed.txt 
-NOR Bottom Left Corner.txt 
-NOR Bottom Right Corner.txt 
-NOR HOVER Side Left.txt 
-NOR HOVER Side Right.txt 
-NOR PRESS Bottom Left Corner.txt 
-NOR PRESS Bottom Right Corner.txt 
-NOR PRESS Side Bottom.txt 
-NOR PRESS Side Left.txt 
-NOR PRESS Side Right.txt 
-NOR PRESS Side Top.txt 
-NOR PRESS Top Left Corner.txt 
-NOR PRESS Top Right Corner.txt 
-NOR Side Bottom.txt 
-NOR Side Left.txt 
-NOR Side Right.txt 
-NOR Side Top.txt 
-NOR Top Left Corner.txt 
-NOR Top Right Corner.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​Loading Screens: ./​Resources/​Interface/​Loading Screens:
 1 Barcelona.txt 1 Barcelona.txt
 2 Montserrat.txt 2 Montserrat.txt
-3 Montaillou.txt 
-4 Crypt.txt 
-5 Nostrodomus.txt 
-6 Barcelona Attack.txt 
-7 English Shrine.txt 
-8 Alamut.txt 
-Final End Screen.txt 
-Loading Default.txt 
-Slave Pits.txt 
-Wilderness Maps.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​Merchant Window: ./​Resources/​Interface/​Merchant Window:
Line 2026: Line 1019:
 Close Target Button Hover.txt Close Target Button Hover.txt
 Close Target Button Pressed.txt Close Target Button Pressed.txt
-Head Hover.txt 
-Head Pressed.txt 
-Legs Hover.txt 
-Legs Pressed.txt 
-Target Window Background.txt 
-Target Window Slider Background.txt 
-Torso Hover.txt 
-Torso Pressed.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Interface/​Tool Icons: ./​Resources/​Interface/​Tool Icons:
Line 2150: Line 1135:
 ./​Resources/​Inventory/​Specific Item Cans: ./​Resources/​Inventory/​Specific Item Cans:
-Misc Items 
-Quest Items 
-Unique Magic Items 
-Wolf Pelt base.can 
 ./​Resources/​Inventory/​Specific Item Cans/Keys: ./​Resources/​Inventory/​Specific Item Cans/Keys:
Line 2186: Line 1166:
 ./​Resources/​Levels:​ ./​Resources/​Levels:​
-1 Barcelona 
-2 Montserrat 
-3 Montaillou 
-4 Crypt 
-5 Nostrodomus 
-6 Barcelona Attack 
-7 English Shrine 
-8 Alamut 
 Generic Companion Dialog.DialogTree Generic Companion Dialog.DialogTree
 Generic Dischord dialog.DialogTree Generic Dischord dialog.DialogTree
 Generic Drop Gold Dialog.DialogTree Generic Drop Gold Dialog.DialogTree
-Generic Elevator dialog.DialogTree 
-Generic Help in Multiplayer Lobby.DialogTree 
-Generic Knight NO TALK dialog.DialogTree 
-Generic NO TALK dialog.DialogTree 
-Generic NO TALK PLAYER dialog.DialogTree 
-Generic Powder Keg.DialogTree 
-Generic Summoned Knight Dialog.DialogTree 
-Generic Traps dialog.DialogTree 
-Multiplayer Guardian in HELL.DialogTree 
-Multiplayer Guardian in Lobby.DialogTree 
-Start Game 
 ./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona: ./​Resources/​Levels/​1 Barcelona:
Line 2417: Line 1376:
 Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant1 Female.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant1 Female.can
 Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant1 Male.can Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant1 Male.can
-Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant2 Female.can 
-Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant2 Male.can 
-Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant3 Female.can 
-Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant3 Male.can 
-Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant4 Female.can 
-Action For Specific Head Model Sylvant4 Male.can 
 ./​Resources/​Player Data/Hue Remappers: ./​Resources/​Player Data/Hue Remappers:
 01 Dark Blue.HueRemapHolder.txt 01 Dark Blue.HueRemapHolder.txt
 02 Light Blue.HueRemapHolder.txt 02 Light Blue.HueRemapHolder.txt
-03 Aqua.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-04 Light Yellow.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-04 Yellow.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-05 Green.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-05 GreenHunter.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-06 Light Orange.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-06 Orange.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-07 Red.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-08 Purple.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-09 Brown.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-09 Light Brown.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-10 aWhite.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-10 Grey.HueRemapHolder.txt 
-11 Black.HueRemapHolder.txt 
 !None.HueRemapHolder.txt !None.HueRemapHolder.txt
 ./​Resources/​Preexisting Characters: ./​Resources/​Preexisting Characters:
 Antonio.Character.txt Antonio.Character.txt
-Azul Tain.Character.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Races:​ ./​Resources/​Races:​
Line 2478: Line 1410:
 Divine.Skill Divine.Skill
 divine.txt divine.txt
-Fake Wand Spells 
-Generic Skill Icons 
-Magic Divine 
-Magic Thought 
-Magic Tribal 
 ./​Resources/​Skills/​Fake Wand Spells: ./​Resources/​Skills/​Fake Wand Spells:
Line 2501: Line 1417:
 Rigor Mortis.Skill Rigor Mortis.Skill
 Secret Reveal.Skill Secret Reveal.Skill
 ./​Resources/​Skills/​Generic Skill Icons: ./​Resources/​Skills/​Generic Skill Icons:
 Generic Skill Icon.txt Generic Skill Icon.txt
-./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Divine: 
-Divine Favor.Skill 
-Divine Favor.txt 
-./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Divine/​Defensive:​ 
-Divine Assistance.Skill 
-Divine Assistance.txt 
-Divine Strength.Skill 
-Divine Strength.txt 
-Greater Resistance.Skill 
-Greater Resistance.txt 
-Greater Sight.Skill 
-Greater Sight.txt 
-Holy Fire.Skill 
-Holy Fire.txt 
-Mana Shield.Skill 
-Mana Shield.txt 
-Physical Aura.Skill 
-Physical Aura.txt 
-Resist Fire.Skill 
-Resist Fire.txt 
-Resist Poison.Skill 
-Resist Poison.txt 
-Turn Undead.Skill 
-Turn Undead.txt 
-./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Divine/​Offensive:​ 
-Blessed Aim.Skill 
-Blessed Aim.txt 
-Celestial Smite.Skill 
-Celestial Smite.txt 
-Cripple Enemies.Skill 
-Cripple Enemies.txt 
-Divine Might.Skill 
-Divine Might.txt 
-Spiritual Knight.Skill 
-Spiritual Knight.txt 
-Weaken Enemies.Skill 
-Weaken Enemies.txt 
-./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Thought: 
-./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Thought/​Defensive:​ 
-Cold Ground.Skill 
-cold ground.txt 
-ENEMY Magical Shield.Skill 
-Fire Ground.Skill 
-fire ground.txt 
-Magical Shield.Skill 
-magical shield.txt 
-Mana Shield.Skill 
-mana shield.txt 
-./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Thought/​Offensive:​ 
-Electrical Burst.Skill 
-Electrical Burst.txt 
-Fire Circle.Skill 
-Fire Circle.txt 
-Fire Orb.Skill 
-Fire Orb.txt 
-Flame Thrower.Skill 
-Flame Thrower.txt 
-Ice Javelin.Skill 
-Ice Javelin.txt 
-Ice Missile.Skill 
-Ice Missile.txt 
-Ice Ring.Skill 
-Ice Ring.txt 
-Ice Storm.Skill 
-Ice Storm.txt 
-Lightning Bolt.Skill 
-Lightning Bolt.txt 
-Lightning Chain.Skill 
-Lightning Chain.txt 
-Lightning Storm.Skill 
-Lightning Storm.txt 
-Poison Ring.Skill 
-Poison Ring.txt 
-Static Charge.Skill 
-Static Charge.txt 
-./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Tribal: 
-./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Tribal/​Defensive:​ 
-Animal Grace.Skill 
-Animal Grace.txt 
-Armor of Bones.Skill 
-Armor of Bones.txt 
-Mana Shield.Skill 
-Mana Shield.txt 
-Shamans Eye.Skill 
-Shamans Eye.txt 
-Shroud Darkness.Skill 
-Shroud Darkness.txt 
-Undead Energy.Skill 
-Undead Energy.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Tribal/​Offensive:​ ./​Resources/​Skills/​Magic Tribal/​Offensive:​
-Absorb Spirit.Skill 
-Absorb Spirit.txt 
-Amplify Damage.Skill 
-Amplify Damage.txt 
-Corpse Bomb.Skill 
-Corpse Bomb.txt 
-Insect Plague.Skill 
-Insect Plague.txt 
-Monster Summoning.Skill 
-Monster Summoning.txt 
-Raise Enemy.Skill 
-Raise Enemy.txt 
-Raise Undead.Skill 
-Raise Undead.txt 
 Vampire.Skill Vampire.Skill
 Vampire.txt Vampire.txt
-Find Traps Secret Doors.Skill 
-Find Traps Secret Doors.txt 
-Lockpick Disarm Traps.Skill 
-Lockpick Disarm Traps.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Spell Projectiles:​ ./​Resources/​Spell Projectiles:​
 Absorb Spirit.InventoryItem Absorb Spirit.InventoryItem
-Amplify Damage Instant hit.InventoryItem 
-Catapult Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Celestial Smite Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Corpse Bomb Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Divine Swarm Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Dominate Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Exorcise Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Fire Ball Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Fire Circle Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Fire Orb Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Flame Thrower Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Ice Circle Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Ice Circle Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Ice Javelin Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Ice Missle Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Ice Storm Instant Hit.InventoryItem 
-Insect Plague Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Lighting Bolt Instant Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Lightning Storm Instant Hit.InventoryItem 
-Monster Summoning Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Poison Spike Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Raise Enemy Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Raise Undead Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Shamans Eye Instant Hit.InventoryItem 
-Spike Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Spiritual Knight Instant Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Static Charge Projectile.InventoryItem 
-Turn Undead Instant Hit Projectile.InventoryItem 
 ./​Resources/​Spirits:​ ./​Resources/​Spirits:​
 Ancestral.Spirit.txt Ancestral.Spirit.txt
 ./​Resources/​Target Body Parts: ./​Resources/​Target Body Parts:
 Head.Target.txt Head.Target.txt
 ./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons: ./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons:
-Critical Hit Types 
-Damage Types Over Time 
-Divine Spell Effects 
-Potion & Scroll ​ Effects 
-Resurection Effects.txt 
-Specific Resistances 
-Thought Spell Effects 
-Tribal Spell Effects 
-Zombie Slow.txt 
 ./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Critical Hit Types: ./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Critical Hit Types:
Line 2757: Line 1442:
 Knocked Out.txt Knocked Out.txt
 Stunned.txt Stunned.txt
-./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Damage Types Over Time: 
-disease over time.txt 
-poison over time.txt 
-./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Divine Spell Effects: 
-Blessed Aim.txt 
-Cripple Enemies.txt 
-Divine Assistance.txt 
-Divine Mana Shield.txt 
-Divine Might.txt 
-Divine Power.txt 
-Greater Resistance.txt 
-Greater Sight.txt 
-Holy Fire.txt 
-Physical Aura.txt 
-Purify Body.txt 
-Resist Elements.txt 
-Righteous Fury.txt 
-Weaken Enemies.txt 
-./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Perks:​ 
-Adrenaline Rush.txt 
-Die Hard.txt 
-./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Potion & Scroll ​ Effects: 
-Arrow Deflection.txt 
-Secret Reveal.txt 
-./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Specific Resistances:​ 
-Resist Acid.txt 
-Resist Cold.txt 
-Resist Disease.txt 
-Resist Electrical.txt 
-Resist Fire.txt 
-Resist Poison.txt 
-./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Thought Spell Effects: 
-Halo Fire.txt 
-Halo Frost.txt 
-Ice Spell Effects.txt 
-magical shield.txt 
-thought mana shield.txt 
-./​Resources/​Temporary Modifier HUD Icons/​Tribal Spell Effects: 
-Animal Grace.txt 
-Armor of Bones.txt 
-Shroud Darkness.txt 
-Tribal Mana Shield.txt 
 Vampire.txt Vampire.txt
 ./​Resources/​Traits:​ ./​Resources/​Traits:​
 Fast Metabolism.Trait Fast Metabolism.Trait
-Good Natured.Trait 
-Heavy Handed.Trait 
-Nasty Disposition.Trait 
-One Hander.Trait 
-Renaissance Man.Trait 
-Small Frame.Trait 
-Studious Tinkerer.Trait 
-Words as Arrows.Trait 
-Acid Blood.Trait 
-Bloody Talons.Trait 
-Demonic Frenzy.Trait 
-Forked Tongue.Trait 
-Infernal Quickness.Trait 
-Lucky Devil.Trait 
-Scaly Hide.Trait 
-Shroud of Darkness.Trait 
-Vampiric Fury.Trait 
-Beast of Burden.Trait 
-Eagle Eye.Trait 
-Elephant Hide.Trait 
-Monkey Brains.Trait 
-Rabid Fervor.Trait 
-Serpent'​s Tongue.Trait 
-Wolf Hide.Trait 
-Bond of Nature.Trait 
-Dark Gift.Trait 
-Earth Ancestry.Trait 
-Fiery Ancestry.Trait 
-Frost Ancestry.Trait 
-Gossamer Skin.Trait 
-Skin of Thorns.Trait 
-Storm of Arrows.Trait 
-Wind Ancestry.Trait 
 ./Sounds: ./Sounds:
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