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Offset Size Type Description
0x00 4 CID 0x41d80000 - Class ID 1
0x04 4 CID 0x423c0000 - Class ID 2
0x08 4 DynamicProperties unused
0x0C 4 Int Minimum distance, always 20
0x10 4 Int Maximum distance, always 39
0x14 w1sz Array of CWAY1_bin List of searchmap nodes
w1sz + 0x14 w2sz Array of CWAY2_bin List of searchmap links

Arrays consist of a count (integer, 4 bytes) and the objects themselves.

Minimum and maximum distances are bounds for link distances. Perhaps they are used as follows: Distances below Min distances from a nodes are always reachable directly, distances above Maximum distances are always routed with a path search algorithm, distances between the Minimum / Maximum values are searched in adjacent nodes.

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