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These structures are used in WAY File files to create links between nodes.

Offset Size Type Description
0x00 4 CID 0x41d80000 - Class ID 1
0x04 4 CID 0x42840000 - Class ID 2
0x08 4 DynamicProperties Unused, always 0
0x0C 4 Int Unknown. Usually 3
0x10 4 Int Unknown. Usually 0
0x14 4 Float32 Distance between nodes. Usually between 20-40, often 0
0x18 4 Float32 Angle from Node0 to Node1 in radians, 0-2*PI.
Unlike atan2() identical nodes have angle PI instead of 0.0.
Also the precision is only 0.001 Rad.
0x1C 4 Int Node0 - index to the list of CWAY1_bin nodes
0x20 4 Int Node1 - index to the list of CWAY1_bin nodes. Sometimes equals Node0
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