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Basic Binary Types

Name Size Description
Bool 1 Boolean type, either 0 or 1
Byte 1
Int 4 Integer
Float32 4 Floating point number
CID 8 two integers, the first one is FIXME: always? 0x41d80000
They somehow serve to distinguish between CObject classes
String 4 + string length Pascal-style string (Integer length, char0, char1, char2)
StringZ 1 + string length C-style string (char0, char1 … charN, \0)
Not a native type, probably used in foreign objects only
Array 4+sum(sizeof(obj0..N) Integer # of items, then the actual items.
Note that CObject items have variable size
CObject variable CObject-derived objects, usually starting with CID.
NULL pointers to CObjects are encoded as Integer “0”
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